As she watches her teammates rush down the court, she remembers what it was like to play basketball. The heat and intensity of the game, and the feeling of adrenaline pumping through her blood all seems like a memory. She’s missing out on her favorite game just because of one failing grade on her report card.

Probation and suspension from sports teams is all too common among most middle school students. Any student with a failing grade of 67 or below has a two week period to bring that grade up and is considered on probation. If, at the end of those two weeks, the grade is not passing, the student becomes ineligible and will not be allowed to participate in team games.

In order to succeed, an equal balance of academics and athletics needs to be considered. Even though it seems like a total drag to take notes and pay attention in class, it helps your grades stay in the 80’s and 90’s. Review homework once in a while, just in case your math teacher says, “Alright everyone, POP QUIZ!” And turning in homework that’s completed isn’t that hard either. Study for tests and quizzes, turn in homework, and pay attention in class is all most need to do to maintain a passing grade.

When it comes to sports, try your hardest. This past basketball season was really tough, not just the hard-work, but fitting in. But, I never gave up. Sure, I’ll probably never play well enough to make it to the WNBA. But, it’ll never stop me from playing the game. If your’re having trouble with certain teammates, or situations you’ve been put in, talk to your coach; they WILL listen.

Self-support, confidence, support of others, good grades, studying, and turning in homework is one of the easiest things you can do to succeed.

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