Complex nursing interventions are needed on a daily basis in our nation’s schools because more and more medically fragile children are in attendance. Tube feedings, suctioning, insulin pumps, catheter! zations, ostomy care, sterile dressing changes and more are among the many treatments handled in the schools. Nurses are seeing students with multiple psychiatric problems, autism, anxiety disorders, diabetes, life threatening allergies requiring injections, heart disease and epilepsy to name a few.

School nurses keep students healthy, safe and ready to learn. The health of students is as important as reading and writing. Healthy students learn better.

School nurses have become pro-active leaders in efforts to control infection, prevent illness and forge partnerships to promote healthy schools.

School Nurses wear many different hats in any given day, from social worker, mother, friend, counselor, consultant, emergency nurse and student advocate to liaison between parent and physician.

School nurses play a key role in disease prevention.

School nurses are instrumental in promoting good health habits, such as physical activity and healthy diets in order to prevent obesity or help children who already are struggling with their weight.

School nurses organize and provide classroom education, dental screenings, provide poison prevention awareness, hearing and vision screenings, spinal screening, monitor peak flows and provide special programs.

School nurses are instrumental in the well-being, academic success and life achievement of students.

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