On March 28, students in grades 6-8 at St. Peter and Sacred Heart School competed in the Modern Woodsmen of America school speech contest. This year’s topic was “The Greatest Time in American History.” All of the students worked hard, but not all of them could move on to the next round that took place on March 30. Only 12 of the students could move on. The students were Catherine Clukey, Adam Meservier, Hailey Girardin, Alexandra Landry, Lee Morin, Caitlin Guay, Kassandra Bowen, Kacie Rioux, Dana Davis, Richard Lamarre, Erynne Landry and Christopher Emery. It was a tough competition.

Richard Lamarre was the third place winner, Dana Davis, second place and Kassandra Bowen was the first place winner for the second consecutive year. The top two moved on to the regional round in Portland on April 14. For this round Kassandra Bowen and Dana Davis competed against the top two winners from area schools.

The winners of the regional round were: Paige Eggleston from St. Patrick’s School, third place, Kassandra Bowen from St. Peter and Sacred Heart School, second place, and Eoin McCarron from Cathedral School, first place. Eoin and Kassandra will now move on to the state competition in Augusta on May 10. All of the students in all four rounds did a fantastic job! Good luck to all of the state finalists.

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