Combine a few flutes, a couple clarinets, some saxophones, trumpets and trombones, throw in a dash of rock and roll and jazz music from the 70’s and 80’s, a pinch of singing, and about 10 steel drums, and what do you get? The three different bands from Poland Regional High School: a mix of contemporary, rock, and jazz music all rolled into an hour of talent, taste, and excitement.

On April 12, the many members of the band came to the Monmouth Middle School in the middle of their “tour.” The hour kicked off with the concert band playing some familiar, ear-catching tunes, with a little humor from the percussion section at the end. Next on the lineup list was the jazz band consisting of saxophone solos, electric guitars, some trumpet lines, and keyboard beats, complete with a really awesome set of electronic drums. For the final part of their performance, the finger-snapping jazz band added a couple solos from three talented singers. They sure got the audience clapping along with old Aretha Franklin tunes!

And what better way to end the band’s performance than with some traditional Jamaican steel drums? The “knights of Steel” most definitely grabbed the audience’s short attention span! As the talented group ended each song, the crowd burst into a wave of applause – who wouldn’t? Those guys rocked! They totally got me into learning how to play steel drums (I think my friend Tammy and I have our band teacher hooked on them too)!

With a little contemporary, rock, and jazz music, the three bands of Poland Regional High School rocked the house during their visit to us, here in Monmouth Middle School.

I would also like to invite the readers to OUR Middle School concert on May 11. The concert kicks off at 7 p.m. at the MMS gym. Come to support our school bands and chorus and get a taste of different varieties of music.

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