FARMINGTON – Though an animal control officer brought Paintbrush to the Franklin County Animal Shelter, she was not a stray.

The tiny, emaciated, terrified cat had been thrown through someone’s window. Luckily, though she was in poor condition, she was basically unharmed. After a couple of days at the shelter, she began to trust the staff and started to become a sweet, cuddly kitty.

Staff named her Paintbrush because she’s all black except for the tips of her ears, which look like they’ve been barely dipped in white paint.

Unfortunately, soon after she became available for adoption, it became apparent that Paintbrush was not suited for life in a cage.

She became cranky and exceedingly less trusting of the staff, knowing that, eventually, they would put her back into the cage.

Knowing that, at heart, she is a wonderful cat, staff let Paintbrush (who is getting fatter and happier all the time) roam around the lobby and first cat room. She can be found napping on top of cage banks, sitting on a windowsill or lounging on the couch. She is still a little shy, but doing much better than before and desperately needs a real home.

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