Nicholas Bouyea

LHS Sophomore

•Has achieved his Eagle Scout distinction by earning over 50 merit badges & passing through several scouting rank advancements over a 4-year period;

•As his Eagle Scout project, Nicholas cleaned up & restored Randall Road Cemetery-acquired $1,500 in donated materials, demonstrated his supervisory skills, and led scouts, friends, and adults in the effort;

•Was chosen to be the Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 116 of Lewiston, one of the largest active troops in the region;

•Serves as a rectory volunteer at St. Joseph’s Church;

•Has a part-time job at Blanchette Store;

•Always available to aid his grandparents & great-grandmother;

•Recently assisted a family in Greene who had suffered a fire;

•Nominators say: “I am proud to nominate Nicholas Bouyea as one of Lewiston’s Shining Stars for 2005, an honor to only be outdone by what he will accomplish in the future . . . His motto seems to be I’ll help,’ and once during this past winter, he took the initiative to shovel my front walk on his way home from school because he simply saw that it needed to be done.”

Kathryn DeAngelis

8th Grade – Lewiston Middle School

•Is an Honor Roll and Behavior Honor Roll student;

•Holds Lewiston Middle School’s school record in the 60-meter hurdles;

•Active participant in the LMS Student Council, involved with the Murphy Home Dinner, writing cards to troops in Iraq, and conducts school tours for parents’ evening;

•Volunteers to shovel walks & driveways in the winter, cleans house & mows lawns for her great aunt and grandmother, and volunteers at her mom’s workplace;

•Participates as an altar server at St. Joseph’s Church twice a month and participates in the parish youth ministry program;

•Recently assisted her dad in the repair of St. Joseph’s bell system in the church tower & also assisted him in recently renovating an apartment.

•Nominator says, “It all begins with a smile. Kate just lights up when anyone speaks with her . . . and her great attitude carries her through each day.”

Ashley Doyon

LHS Junior

•Serves as a Big Brothers Big Sisters school-based mentor;

•Given her love of sewing, Ashley has worked on blankets, mittens, scarves, and hats for Project Linus and Coats for Kids and has applied to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in hopes of serving as a volunteer;

•Has recently been recommended to be part of a Genetics Program at Bates College as an intern;

•Has been involved with the March of Dimes and Cancer Walks for the last two years;

•Is very committed to her job at Sam’s Italian Sandwich;

•Nominator quotes a description of Ashley noted by one of her teachers, “Ashley is one of the most mature students I have had the pleasure of knowing. She is a wonderful young lady.”

Kyle A. Dupuis

LHS Senior

•Recently received the highest rank in scouting, that of Eagle Scout, and he has been promoted to Assistant Scout Master of Troop 160;

•For his Eagle Scout community service project, Kyle chose to undertake a fingerprinting project at a local festival where he fingerprinted 184 children, took their photos in the Crime Lab, offered by the Lewiston Police Department, and completed an informational packet for all of the children’s parents;

•Recently elected Captain of Cadets for the Law Enforcement Program at Lewiston High School and also received the Officer Payne Award for Outstanding Cadet;

•Was nominated to attend the Congressional Student Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., where he met members of Congress and attended lecture sessions from the Department of Security and the FBI;

•Is a member of the National Honor Roll, National Honor Society, and Vocational Honor Society;

•Works part-time at Radio Shack and has been awarded for Top Producing Sales Associate within the State of Maine;

•Nominator says, “He is an outstanding member of our community, and we are very proud of him.”

Nathalie C. Dupuis

LHS Junior

•Nathalie has made 1st honors throughout high school, and throughout her school years, in order to get the grades she expected of herself, she took the initiative to spend early morning hours and afternoon hours seeking instructor assistance whenever necessary;

•Was recently nominated to attend the Congressional Student Leadership Program in Boston to participate in the Medical Careers Seminar-most fitting as she plans to become a Physician’s Assistant;

•Has volunteered at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center and at Montello Manor & enjoys playing cards, reading stories, and playing games with the elderly;

•Recently volunteered to help in the English as a Second Language class at LHS;

•A long-time babysitter, Nathalie recently babysat for a single mom and decided she wouldn’t charge her to give the mom a much-needed break;

•Also works at The Dollar Tree Store;

•Nominator says, “I have never witnessed such dedication from a young adult. Nathalie sets her mind on something, anything, and somehow, she conquers all of her goals.”

Katie Lacasse

LHS Senior

•Katie is a Big Brothers Big Sisters school-based mentor;

•Has given a very effective presentation to the United Way explaining the importance of student mentoring and what student mentors bring to elementary school children;

•As an L-Club member, Katie does a lot of work with Special Olympics, to include state meets for swimming at Bates College, the winter Special Olympics at Lost Valley, and the regional meets at the YWCA;

•Has volunteered at a local pre-school;

•From September – June, she works at the local YWCA as a lifeguard, water safety instructor, and swim lesson instructor, teaching ages 6 months w/ parents in the water to age 15 through the American Red Cross Program;

•During summer vacation, Katie works at the downtown Kennedy Park Pool as a lifeguard and teaches swim lessons twice a week;

•Certified in Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, Water Safety Instructor/Fundamental Instructor Trainer, Automatic Electronic Defibrillator;

•Nominator says “Katie is a wonderful young lady with a huge heart and an exceptional attitude.”

Samantha Leeman

LHS Senior

Is a Big Brothers Big Sisters school-based mentor and has had the same “little” since 2003;

•Has volunteered for the Lewiston Public Library’s Summer Reading Program;

•Amidst many school and community activities, she currently holds two part-time jobs: Campus Cuisine & the Lewiston Public Library;

•Demonstrates positive choices and good judgment on a continual basis, with one teacher noting that Samantha is a wonderful model for any child’;

•Samantha has been on the All Academic Team & State Academic Team and has previously placed second in the LHS Science Fair;

•Has played field hockey and lacrosse all four years at LHS; this year being the Varsity Captain for field hockey and winning the Coach’s Award;

•Is a very compassionate person who is very easy to talk to;

•Nominator says, “The best reason that Samantha should be chosen as a Lewiston Shining Star is because she would like to be remembered not for her individual deeds but for being a hard working person who helped her community.”

Loren Lepage

LHS Senior

•Serves as an exemplary role model for her sister, and her step-father, who nominated her, explains, “As a father of a nine-year-old daughter, it would be natural for me to harbor concerns about who she chooses to follow. Yet, from the day she was born, I never had any such fears because I had an ace in the hole . . . I had Loren;”

•Loren has taken the time to actively develop bonds of friendship and respect with her step-dad;

•Touted by teachers as “I wish I had a room full of Lorens.”

•Is a skilled artist and exhibits extraordinary talent as a musician;

•Continually takes on her academic and athletic endeavors with commitment to excellence, regardless of how challenging the task may seem-gives the same level of dedication to whatever she undertakes;

•Her selfless dedication led to her receiving the Coach’s Award for her freshman year; Defensive Player of the Year for her sophomore & junior years, and making the All Academic team as a senior;

•Is currently working at Campus Cuisine 20 hours a week delivering meals;

•Nominator says, “As I said, I have no concerns about my youngest daughter’s role model. Though she would never tell Sissie’ how much she admires her, the mark that Loren has left on her is immeasurable and undeniable, and for that fact alone, Loren is my role model as well.”

Ashley Morgan

LHS Freshman

•Over the past two years, Ashley Morgan has become an outstanding leader within the Lewiston Seeds of Peace Program demonstrating her leadership skills. Examples include: heading up Toys for Tots, participating in a Seeds of Peace/Lost Valley joint tsunami relief fundraiser raising $2,000; and participating in an Abused Women’s Advocacy Project Winter Walk Against Violence;

•A former recipient of the Tammy Martin Foundation’s ACE Award recognizing young leaders who actively pursue their dreams, unselfishly help their community, and perform at a high academic level, Ashley speaks out publicly about the mission of Seeds of Peace, most recently at Many & One’s “Two Weeks of Community, Diversity, and Justice;”

•Was selected as the only second-year “Seed” from Lewiston to return to Seeds of Peace summer camp as a Peer Support, an honor traditionally restricted to third, fourth, and fifth year Seeds;

•Is a very active member of the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council;

•Nominator quotes teacher Diane Bleakney’s description of Ashley, “She’s a dreamer who puts thoughts into action. She follows through on the athletic field, in the classroom, and in her community and school activities. Ashley Morgan is a remarkable young scholar/athlete with the heart, integrity, and grace to change the world one project at a time.”

Danielle Nadeau

LHS Senior

•As a student in Lewiston High School’s Culinary Arts Program, Danielle helps cater The Green Ladle, a successful restaurant that is operated by students and the culinary teaching staff;

•Recently received the Lewiston Regional Technical Center Director’s Award, a very prestigious award that is given to an exceptional vocational student;

•Danielle is currently working two jobs: Luiggi’s and New England Home Therapy;

•As Assistant Captain of Lewiston High’s Girls Hockey Team, she has been extremely supportive of her teammates’ efforts, regardless of winning or losing. As such, she was recognized with the “Unsung Hero Award,” an award given to a hardworking player who displays outstanding willingness to help others;

•Volunteers her time at two local daycares;

•Nominators say, “Danielle is a very sweet, down-to-earth young lady who gives of herself and doesn’t ask for anything in return, and she has a personality that makes people feel good about themselves.”

OTHER NOMINEES THIS YEAR: Athena Andoniades, Tiffany Beaudoin, Amanda Blais, Kristen Brooks, Christina Campbell, Victoria Colby, Alison M. Coleman, Danielle Dubuc, Joline Dubuc, Tanya Galipeau, Luke Jensen, Zachary Jensen, Matthew Jones, Maya Katzir, Justin Labonte, Andrea Lama, Laura Laverdiere, Mina Moore, Sarah Pelletier, Caitlyn Robitaille, Jessica L. Roy, Todd Sinclair, Jr., Jeff Theberge.

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