Mary Jo Kelly and Ryan A. Wheeler to Roger A. Wheeler and Chapman and Wheeler Inc., in Greenwood.

Joan Taccini Olson and Joan Taccini to Dana A. Olson and Joan Taccini Olson and Snowdog Realty Trust, in Newry.

Thomas P. and Michele J. Golden to Douglas S. and Carol J. Arey, in Newry.

Tabitha M. and Tabitha and Tabitha M. Steward to Bonita M. Sessions and Danielle M. Dairs, in Bethel.

George E. Currier Jr. and George E. Currier Jr. to Jerome G. and Irene S. Perry, in Paris.

Earl C. Murray and Estate of Jennie L. Murray to Earl C. Murray, in Mexico.

Earl C. Murray to Darlene E. Taylor, in Mexico.

Earl C. Murray to Roger E. Murray, in Mexico.

Michael J. and Katherine M. Giunta to Michael J. Giunta and Katherine M. Giunta and Giunta Realty Trust, in Greenwood, Woodstock and Paris.

Steven R. and Carole M. Barrett to Carole M. Barrett, in Waterford.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Troy E. and Robin E. Parker, in Norway.

Bernard and Lynne Jacoby to Daniel and Laura K. Johnson, in Bethel.

Michael J. and Beth A. Binette to George and Deborah Menezes, in Paris.

Estate of Mary E. Fillebrown and Charles A. Fillebrown Jr. and Charles A. Fillebrown III and Thomas W. Fillebrown to Douglas A. Fillebrown, in Waterford.

Frederic O. and Sue L. and F. Owen and Frederick O. Wight to Thomas L. Wight and Edith P. Murphy, in Newry.

Frederic O. and Sue L. and F. Owen and Frederick O. Wight to Randall H. and Audrey J. Brooke, in Newry.

Frederic O. and Sue L. and F. Owen and Frederick O. Wight to Richard P. and Elizabeth A. Clark, in Newry.

Jeffrey S. Hadley Jr. to Stephen B. and Deborah Ann Smith Mooney, in Waterford.

John J. and Carolyn J. Perry to Gary D. Warren, in Peru.

Kari and Igor Popov to Christopher L. Hartwell, in Newry.

Stacy and Richard O. Hott to Susan Brian Dickinson, in Norway.

Estate of Michael Frome Bottomley and Malinda Frome Turnbull to Brian and Antoinette Shephard, in Norway.

Mark I. and Mark L. Simpson to Mark L. and Tareena L. Simpson, in Oxford.

Kellie and Edward F. and Edward Miller to Allen F. Gallant, in Bethel.

Darrell and Dana and Diane Knightly to Lampron Energy Inc., in Oxford.

Dawn M. Pettengill and Estate of Sarah F. Pepper to Thomas J. Deluca and Victoria Fimiani, in Peru.

Lisa K. Carlson to James G. and Deborah R. Costello, in Bethel.

John Conrad and Conrad Enterprises to Michael W. Strout, in Oxford.

Violet H. Sullivan to Nickie and Scott Haas, in Norway.

Violet T. and Violet H. Sullivan to Nickie and Scott Haas, in Norway.

David Stonebraker and William Tudor Sturtevant and Mary Ellen Sturtevant and Hebron Academy Inc. and John Gillis and Diane Mains and David Mahoney to Dale W. Merrill Jr., in Hebron.

Gene H. and Lynda E. Bell to John D. Long Post No. 58 The American Legion, in Buckfield.

Thomasina Poland to Dennis V. and Debra L. Poland, in Woodstock.

United States of America VA to Kristina Greenleaf and Lawrence Cloutier, in Sumner.

Raymond G. Titus to Michael W. Titus, in Paris.

Armond E. Norton II and Armand E. Norton II and Heather A. Norton to Barbara M. Brunjes, in Paris.

Virginia S. Haynes to Dana W. Bartlett, in Dixfield.

Charles A. Jacobs and Isaac C. and Eric W. Dyer to Brian Dellaporta and Ursula Sullivan, in Newry.

Robert L. and Jane B. Grover to Vida Vongsay, in Sumner.

James M. and Tina M. Payton to Edmund G. and Joyce F. Giasson, in Mexico.

Rodney E. Kimball to Brent C. and Shelley M. Douglass, in Albany Township.

Richard J. Horan and Linda A. Monica to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Peter P. and Cyndi R. and Cyndi Dalton to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Kenneth J. and Pamela J. and Pamela Crochiere to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Brandon and Cindy Plainte to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Alan J. and Patricia Milligan Abber to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Joseph E. and Anne E. Brown to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to William C. and Joan M. Doherty, Amy C. and John V. Hobgood, Andrea D. and David M. Coulon, Douglas S. and Joy D. Lamos, Richard J. Horan Jr. and Linda A. Monica, Brandon and Cindy Plainte, John P. Nunan and Rhonda L. Barker, Richard R. and Carmen S. Castonguay, Robert P. and Sharon J. Antoniuc, Stephen J. and Aileen C. Amirault, Theodore P. and Mary Byrne Smith, all in Bethel.

Philip F. Carrier to Leslie B. Sears and Mark B. Springer, in Rumford.

James E. and Beverly G. Whittemore to James Warren Whittemore, in Rumford.

David A. Holtzman to Kenneth H. Magoon III, Rumford.

Albert H. Corliss and Maggie Trichon and Mero Comet Explorations Limited to Anthony and Lauren Fresco, in Mexico.

Town of Newry to Frank Lowell Jr. and Patricia Lowell, in Newry.

Vance R. Bacon and Constance W. Bacon to Nicholas D. Fortin, in West Paris.

William F. Hopkins Jr. and Karen A. Hopkins to Michael S. and Cheryl D. Taylor, in Bethel.

Anthony Morra and Pamela Morra to Nicolette M. McGinley, in Norway.

Wilhelmiina C. Wiinikainen and Richard P. and Wilhelmiina C. Hagenbuch to Wilhelmiina C. Wiinikainen and Richard P. Hagenbuch, in West Paris.

William T. and Rita V. O’Connell to Sandra Jesse, in Bethel.

Daniel J. Connell to John K. Scott, in Bethel.

Eric D. Paul and Estate of Louis J. Paul to Eric D. Paul, in Albany Township.

Eric D. Paul to Marie A. Poole, in Albany Township.

Jason A. and Virginie G. Forget to Paul W. and Linda J. Marshall, in Bethel.

Sunset Hill LLC to Cheryl L. Thurston, in Bethel.

Bethany Lyon to James Gallo, in Waterford.

Samuel E. and Anna M. White to Michael A. and Diane F. Rizzo, in Oxford.

Mountain View Development LLC and Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Sophia Bilinsky and Walter Shevchuk, in Newry.

Harold R. Edwards Jr. to Vivian R. Blondeau, in Paris.

Paul W. Fletcher to William J. Weston and Colette M. Foster Weston, in Newry.

Daniel and Samanthia Ross to Nellie Denison and Anne Pastore, in Norway.

Albert W. Penley Jr. to Norman R. and Jean Millett, in West Paris.

University of Maine Foundation to Oshkash LLC, in Oxford.

Alan S. and Susan L. Webber to Tina Webber, in Sumner.

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