There is so much work involved in making a play that people are actually going to enjoy. The constant chaos, the memorizing of lines, the hustle of practice, and so on and so forth.

Tripp Middle School’s Spring play was the production of “The Magical Lamp of Aladdin” that portrayed a young boy’s adventures and struggles upon finding a magical lamp and trying to marry the one he loves. The telltale story showcased great talent that was a fun production for the whole family. Directed by Mrs. Davis, a social studies teacher at Tripp Middle School, “The Magical Lamp of Aladdin” was a sure way to entertain the family on April 8 and 9 at the Leavitt Auditorium.

The production was started with the audition process. People of all different groups showed up to showcase their talents, and to be part of the 2004-2005 spring production. It was stressful, but in the end the Director, Mrs. Davis, whittled down the parts to the one best fit. That left us with our cast of “The Magical Lamp of Aladdin,” Aladdin, a young high-spirited boy living on the streets of Shammar, would be played by Zach Caldwell. Jammal, an evil magician, was the perfect part for Lauren Turner who snagged the role. Among the others Jasmine played by Katie Richardson, Halima played by Kendra Richards, the Sultan played by Emile Castonguay, the Sultana played by Maria Dumont, Ali Bubba played by Nick Hoover, Chop Chop played by Doug Nash. Genie of the Ring played by Kayanna Beeckle. Genie of the Jewels played by Natalie Green, Genie of the Lamp played by Carlie Robinson, a Merchant Women played by Kristen Capen, a Neighbor played by Michael Knowlton, Aladdin’s mother was played by Katelynn Giguere, Aladdin’s sister was played by Elizabeth Morris, Aladdin’s monkey Alakazam was played by Michael Hunter, a Dragon played by Luke Wiley. Zara played by Ashlee Kates, Sheeba played by Melanie Willet, Scheherazade played by Carrie Rand, and townspeople played by Jamie Thibadeau, Alex Jackman, and Miranda Milbert.

We had a stage crew consisting of Katie Kirk, Landry Turner, Brianna Dostie, and Josh fournier. A special thanks to Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Caldwell. Mrs. Nadeau, Mrs. Landry, and all of the other parents that worked to make this production a success. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Congratulations cast and crew, and thanks Mrs. Davis. “The Magical Lamp of Aladdin” was a success.

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