Lisbon Fall’s, on Friday, April 15, the middle school had a half day. On this day the 7th graders took advantage of Earth Day, and cleaned up around the school.

We cleaned our baseball fields, soccer field, field hockey field, and our ice rink. Raking and picking up trash was what we did for the hour and 30 minutes we were outside cleaning. The homerooms each picked a spot of the school property to clean up. The clean up wasn’t just the students. All the 7th grade staff were outside cleaning up too. Also parents were welcomed.

After we cleaned, all the kids had a fresh-air break. During the fresh-air the kids were playing kick-ball, basketball, football, and some hung out with their friends. When it was time to go inside the HIP (Homework Is Productive) Cart went around. The HIP Cart is a cart that has goodies on it that kids can buy. To buy-goodies you have to have tickets that you earn in class by the teacher for doing homework. The cart has things such as candy, pens, pencils, erasers, and more,

Speaking for the 7th graders, we had a great time and won’t mind doing it again.

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