Dynamite in sufficient quantities to have blown up a train was found today placed on the rails in Livermore Falls between the joints of the Maine Central railroad tracks just below this town. It was discovered by W. E. Buzzell, a contractor, who has used large amounts and quickly recognized it while walking the tracks. The discovery was made a short time before a heavy, freight train was due to pass, followed by a passenger train. The explosive was removed and the section men notified. There was no clue to the person who made the evident attempt to wreck a train but the officers are conducting an investigation.

50 Years Ago, 1955

The House enacted today a bill increasing Maine’s gasoline tax from six to seven cents a gallon. The measure was sent to the Senate for final action, expected tomorrow. The penny increase is expected to add roughly 2½ million a year to the highway fund.

At this time of year, families are looking for something to add variety to meals, and rhubarb will do just that and act as a spring tonic. For its tart flavor and attractive color do much to spring meals, and rhubarb adds some nutrients to meals, too. It contains small amounts of vitamins A and C and some riboflavin and niacin. There are also some minerals present in rhubarb, but its greatest value is the zest it adds to meals at this time of year.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Quebec’s voters Tuesday soundly rejected their separatist government’s appeal for a mandate to lead them out of the Canadian confederation. In a strong vote of confidence in a future in Canada, the predominantly French speaking province voted 58 percent to 42 percent against embarking on the road to secession.

Feelings about Quebec’s negative separation vote Tuesday were mixed in Lewiston – where Franco-American culture has its strongest Maine roots – after election returns showed the movement for an independent Quebec had failed in its first popular test.

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