LEWISTON – Deadbeat Dads (and Moms) will be the subject discussed at BRADD support groups in Lewiston/Auburn. BRADD (Babes Retaliate Against Deadbeat Dads) is a newly established support group for parents who have been abandoned to provide for their children on their own. Meetings will be held monthly at various locations in the area.

The purpose of the group is not only to offer support to the parent who has been left behind by the non-custodial parent, but also to meet with legislators and find solutions to an epidemic, which has cost the taxpayers of Maine millions of dollars.

Often, the custodial parent is left with the responsibility of financially providing for the children as well as having the burden of filing extensive paperwork with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Custodial parents are also left with the humiliation of depending on assistance to get on their feet again and the stigma of being considered a “welfare” Mom/Dad, though they may be intelligent, dedicated hard-workers with a solid work history.

DHHS is available to go after the delinquent parent. Many deadbeat dads are slipping through the cracks. BRADD groups will seek to find ways of coping with the stress felt by custodial parents as well as finding positive solutions to an ongoing problem in society and working together with established agencies and legislators to improve the system.

Social workers and therapists are encouraged to participate and possibly facilitate BRADD gatherings. For information about the next gathering, see the BRADDMaine homepage at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BRADDMaine or subscribe to the online discussion group at: [email protected]

Those without Internet access should call 740-4387.

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