SOUTH PARIS – The following rest estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Gavin Cyrus Cook and Jeffry Roy Cook and Leslie Phillips Cook to Karen J. Downing, in Paris.

Estate of Sarah F. Pepper and Dawn M. Pettengill to Anthony J. and Sharon R. George, in Peru.

Richard E. and Barbara E. Varney to Brian M. Nolan, in Paris.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Mary L. Richardson, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to William M. and Paula S. Phillips, in Bethel.

Mary K. Anderson and Glenn T. Wright to Daniel and Silke Williams, in Otisfield.

Haynes F. Noyes to Robert H. and Deborah J. Noyes, in Waterford.

Kathleen D. McAllister to John W. McAllister, in Waterford.

Mary E. Wheeler (by agent) to John B. and Jeanne D. Wholey, in Bethel.

Louis J. Pezza Jr. and Sarah Pezza to Steven and Susan Paliotta, in Hartford.

Dwayne E. Childs and Mildred Marin and Mildred Childs to Elbridge E. Childs and Deborah L. Brann, in Peru.

Dean E. and Jean C. Howard to Deanna S. Howard, in Magalloway Plantation.

James E. Adley to John A. and June Elaine Giambattista, in Rumford.

William D. and Darlene B. Richards to Michael Dawicki and Laura Marston, in Mexico.

Virginia E. Mason to Donald J. Mason Jr., in Paris.

Virginia E. Mason to Two D. Enterprises Inc., in Paris.

Normand and Tammi J. Sirois to Steven M. and Donna L. Whitney, in Bethel.

Robert P. and Gary Bahre to Chris and Melanie Kamperman, in Hebron.

Albert L. and Rosalie M. Sumner to Douglas F. and Sandra L. and Justin R. and Susanne J. Bailey Rice, in Albany Township.

Ronald D. Fitts to Paul G. Thornfeldt, in Paris.

Frederick W. and Susan K. McAllister to James A. Davis, in Oxford.

Judith M. Rogers to Christopher S. Rogers, in Otisfield.

Robert C. and Janet E. Gould to Rita A. Mathias, in Albany Township.

George A. and Cheryl C. Angevine to Avery J. Angevine, in Bethel.

Avery J. Angevine to Brent C. and Lori R. Angevine, in Bethel.

Edwin R. Rolfe Jr. and Diana A. Rolfe and Joyce R. Colby to Cobble View Properties Inc., in Norway.

Joseph and Eleanor E. Zupokfska to Joseph and Eleanor E. Zupokfska, in Waterford.

Theresa Myles to Timothy Myles, in Rumford.

Laurie A. and Robert S. Brown to Andre and Florence Bernier, in Upton.

Mary J. Bosse to Joseph P. and Rebecca M. Beote, in Byron.

Riverbend Dental Management Inc. to William Dunton, in Bethel.

William Dunton to Locke Summit Estates LLC, in Bethel.

William L. Wheelock to Suburban Homes Inc., in Waterford.

Joan B. Fillebrown and Estate of Malcolm J. Bean to Randy S. Lessard and Melissa A. Lessard York, in Waterford.

Randy Vaillancourt to Randy Vaillancourt and Linda Demarest, in Oxford.

Edward R. Ropple Jr. and Deborah S. Ropple to Dana A. and Susan R. Gregson, in Norway.

James E. Twitchell Sr. and Priscilla and Priscilla J. Twitchell to Denis and Robin Dufour, in Oxford.

Fernand A. Boucher II and Elaine B. Boucher to River View Timeshare Trust, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Fernand A. Boucher II and Elaine B. Boucher, Christopher T. Reed and Jennifer D. Therriault, both in Bethel.

Natalie Reed to Julie A. and Herbert E. and Alayne F. Reed and Kelley J. Arsenault and Thomas K. and Charles L. and Wesley Reed, in Mexico.

Rita L. and Rita M. Anastasio to John Anastasio and Jean M. Downs, in Rumford.

Wells Fargo Bank NA and Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust and Brian and Kern Guy to Rocco R. Consalvo II, in Oxford.

William S. Westphal to Ann Marie H. Crockett and Jessica S. Grey, in Waterford.

D. Bruce Goodwin and Brownie Realty Trust to Janice F. Kendrick, in West Paris.

Janice F. Kendrick to RAD Development Inc. in West Paris and Paris.

Kellie J. Allen to Darren S. and Roxanne L. Weymouth, in Oxford.

Davis H. Packard to Dean E. Martin, in Hebron.

Mark O’Neill to Louis M. Jurist, in Newry.

Michel Pelletier to Stephen and Joan Fleming, in Greenwood.

Jane A. Ryerson and Jane A. Lowe and Craig A. Ryerson to Neil A. Phelps and Carrie M. Rolfe and Jane A. Ryerson, in Bethel.

Constance E. Blanchard to Travis M. York, in Greenwood and Bethel.

Arlene DeWar to Johannah Richardson, in Mexico.

Robert H. Susbury Jr. to Holly Severance and Troy J. Miele, in Peru.

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