WASHINGTON (AP) – The future economic security of the nation is in the hands of Congress, President Bush said Saturday.

Setting the stage for a week in which he will push stalled sections of his domestic agenda, Bush told his weekly radio audience that lawmakers need to get an energy bill to his desk within weeks and embrace his ideas for changing Social Security.

On Tuesday, the president will discuss Social Security with young people in Pennsylvania.

“Our young people understand that if we fail to act, Social Security will not be sound when they need it,” Bush said, repeating the message he’s carried cross-country on his campaign to change Social Security and ensure its future solvency. “They know that the millions of baby boomers about to retire will live longer and collect benefits that the system cannot afford.”

On Wednesday in Washington, he’ll renew his call for Congress to act on an energy plan.

Despite opposition from the White House, a growing number of Republican and Democratic senators want to address global warming as part of the country’s broad energy policy. The Senate is scheduled to take up energy legislation next week. Whether to include a measure on climate change, such as limiting heat-trapping emissions, will be sharply debated.

The White House strongly opposes any mandatory limits on greenhouse emissions – such as carbon from burning fossil fuels – that many scientists believe are causing the earth to warm.

The House rebuffed any attempt to address global warming when it passed its energy bill in April. If the Senate moves ahead with a climate provision, it would create yet another confrontation when the two chambers try to reconcile their differences and fashion a final bill.

“The House has passed a good energy bill. Now the American people expect the Senate to act,” Bush said in his speech. “For the sake of our economic and national security, Congress needs to get a good energy bill to my desk by August.”

On Thursday and Friday, Bush will promote the new prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients. Seniors will be eligible to enroll beginning in November for the voluntary benefit that begins in January.

“During the coming months, we will work to educate all of our seniors about this new benefit, so they can choose confidently the drug plan that best meets their needs,” he said.

On another economic issue, the president urged Congress not to alter his budget plan.

Just six weeks ago the House and Senate passed a budget plan that looked a lot like Bush’s, forecasting cuts averaging 1 percent from domestic agencies, including the Energy, Education and Agriculture departments. Now, some lawmakers have proposed transferring billions from Bush’s military and foreign aid budgets to domestic programs he wants to cut or eliminate.

“To ensure economic security for all Americans, Congress needs to keep your taxes low and be wise with taxpayers’ dollars,” Bush said.

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