WILTON – Bowling results in the Tuesday Summer Mixed League as of May 31 games:


High game scratch: Sonny Child Jr. 221, Steve Adams 220, Kyle Walton 214.

High series scratch: Sonny Child Jr. 605, Patrick Wheeler 578, Mac Haynes 550.

High game handicap: Steve Adams 256, Kyle Walton 253, Randy Pinkham 248.

High series handicap: Randy Pinkahm 248, Linda Meunier 668, Patrick Wheeler 647.


High game scratch: Muriel Lisherness 200, Nicole Dodson 194, Gale Beaulieu 179.

High series scratch: Muriel Lisherness 520, Gale Beaulieu 490, Nicole Dodson 488.

High game handicap: Muriel Lisherness 259, Katie Smith and Nicole Dodson 248, Stephanie Millay 244.

High series handicap: Muriel Lisherness 697, Debbie Smith 667, Stephanie Millay 658.

Tuesday Summer Mixed League as of May 24:


High game scratch: Bill Jordan 213, James Smith 210, Paul Smith 205.

High series scratch: Bob Eaton 575, Sonny Child Jr. 570, Bill Jordan 547.

High game handicap: Paul Smith 267, Randy Pinkham Sr. 262, James Smith 254.

High series handcap: Paul Smith 652, James Smith 647, Randy Pinkham 641.


High game scratch: Julie Hall 195, Gale Beaulieu 186, Muriel Lisherness 175.

High series scratch: Gale Beaulieu 499, Muriel Lisherness 488, Mary Hutchinson 481.

High game handicap: Julie Hall 267, Muriel Lisherness 241, Mary Hutchinson 240.

High series handicap: Muriel Lisherness 686, Mary Hutchinson 682, Molly Meader 650.

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