Realty transfers

Oxford County

SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

William Eric and John A. and Eila J. Makey to Gregory B. and Cathy M. Grigsby, in Waterford.

Robert P. and Lynda V. Bedard to Kenneth A. and Barbara A. West, in Paris.

T R Dillon Logging Inc. to R and D Land Sales Inc., in Milton Plantation.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Benson Logging Inc. in Milton Plantation.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Dale R. Verrill to Bradley M. Benson, in Milton Plantation.

Malinda Frome Turnbull and Estate of Michael Frome Bottomley to Frost Hill Inc., in Norway.

Stephen W. and Elise B. Caswell to Michael J. Ramini and Linda J. Morris, in Gilead.

Gerald B. McKenna to Laura J. Humphrey, in Milton Plantation.

Arnold E. Jordan and Estate of Bernice G. Brown to Jason A. and Darcy L. Chase, in Bethel.

Emily Rose Patek to Jason M. Nightingale and Mari L. Knapp, in Oxford.

Alan S. Charters to Ronald D. and Yvonne M. Hemingway, in Mexico.

Albin J. and Linda M. Gestaut to Steven M. Dyer, in Rumford.

Robert F. Bradford to Alan R. Bradford, in Rumford.

Myron H. Pierce to James E. Jr. and Deborah Deshon, in Paris.

Dorothy P. Farrar to Jeffrey F. Sr. and Deborah L. Campbell, in West Paris.

Kevin G. McMenemy to Carol L. and Joseph L. Finn, in Greenwood.

Sara Schoppee to Ronald J. and Linda J. Libby, in Otisfield.

Timothy Bourassa and Estate of Clarence Bourassa to William and Robert and Timothy and David and Denis Bourassa, in Byron.

Timothy and William and David and Denis Bourassa to Robert Bourassa, in Byron.

Warren R. and Amy E. Forbes to Todd K. Rich, in Albany Township.

Gerald F. and Margaret A. Solitario to James J. and Wendy S. Haslam, in Newry.

Tracey A. Jackson to Andrew and Edward Culver, in Otisfield.

Linda and Alfred E. and Alfred Elmer Murch to Kevin J. and Sheila and Sheila Solakoff Creney, in Waterford.

Philip P. Foley to Jeromy L. and Jessica N. Akers, in Paris.

Florence B. Kraft to Thomas C. Brown II, in Andover.

E. Lillian and Lillian Mercier to Tami L. Roy, in Rumford.

Lawrence W. Benedict to Kevin L. Benedict, in Peru.

Randolph H. Richards to Richard A. and Stacie M. Stewart, in Mexico.

Grete Osgood to Steven P. Arthur and Peter E. T. Eichorn, in Greenwood.

Alvin Mack to Jeffrey S. and Terry A. Ward, in Waterford.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Ronald E. Brown, in Waterford.

Nancy G. Orre to Charles S. MacDonald, in Norway.

Steven R. and Catherine Kent to Kagan Insurance Agency Inc. Employee Retirement Trust, in Otisfield.

Raymond A. Chapman to Michael C. and Regine M. Chapman, in Upton.

Shane Hannan and Heidi L. Swiderek to Shane Hannan, in Peru.

C. Conrad Wright and Elizabeth H. Wright to Windy Ledge Farm Trust, in Paris.

Robert A. Atkinson Jr. to Peter Waning, in Otisfield.

Gary and Michelle Rich to Gary Rich, in Bethel.

Jamie L. Guilford and Jamie L. Hastings to David L. Owens, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Richard A. and Kathy A. Santos, in Bethel.

Oxford Build To Suit LLC to Jeffrey and Jennifer S. Olivier, in Bethel.

Mountain Valley Land Co. LLC and Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Redd-H LLC, in Bethel.

Mountain Valley Land Co. LLC to Daniel J. Garvey, in Bethel.

Daniel J. Garvey to Francis Dumont, in Bethel.

Dennis D. Durant to Dennis D. Durant and Elizabeth A. Mulherin, in Paris.

Paul T. Piveronas to Paul T. and F. Michael Piveronas, in Rumford.

E. G. Blake and Son Inc. to Savage Land Development LLC, in Bethel

Farwell Mountain Estates Inc. to Brendan L. and Julie A. Eldridge, in Bethel.

Hebron Academy Inc. to Hebron Water Co., in Paris and Hebron.

Samuel L. Bryan to Hebron Water Co., in Paris.

Raymond A. Files Sr. to Hebron Water Co., in Paris.

Heidi J. Bennett and Estate of Stanley E. Smith to Gregory Shattenberg, in West Paris and Paris.

Brenda J. Murphy and Brenda J. Dobbins to Nicole J. Coutts, in Oxford.

Dean J. and Kimberly A. Ayotte to Morgan L. Littlefield and Ian Thurlow, in Norway.

Nicholas C. Brunet to Donald F. Rose III and Wayne P. Carney and Joseph P. Dowling III and Leonard Zannotti, in Newry.

David J. Everett and Everett Development Corp. to Rose M. DePerte, in Norway.

David W. Pelchat to Benjamin D. and Amy Pelchat, in Oxford.

Arthur M. Jr. and Constance E. Burnham to Kathleen P. Burnham, in Norway.

Dennis A. Wilson to Gary H. II and Julia A. Williamson, in Bethel.

Theresa M. and Theresa Ronan to Linwood J. and Jacquline M. Ronan, in Rumford.

Jennifer A. and Bruce H. Jr. Kullgren to Bruce H. Kullgren Jr., in Magalloway Plantation.

Micron Associates Inc. and Victor Associates Inc. to Hartnett Development Inc., in Paris.

Phyllis A. Bancroft to Eric Melanson and Stacie L. Foster, in Albany Township.

Marc L. LeBlond and Kelly D. LeBlond to Peter M. and Elizabeth J. Inniss, in Greenwood.

Jean F. Gosselin to Ralph R. and Jean F. Gosselin, in Oxford.

Sherwood K. and Sherwood Jordan to Amanda J. Richards, in Albany Township.

Sherwood K. Jordan and Sherwood Jordan to David A. Hunt, in Albany Township.

Robert and Cris Delcuore to Thomas Knarski, in Paris.

Randal S. Estes to Sherry L. Estes, in Oxford.

Jason M. Parsons to Joshua and Crystal Porter, in Waterford.

Richard I. and Denise D. Moulton to Julie C. and Clifford N. Leaf, in Waterford.

Richard and Barbara Maguire to Jason and Joanne Edwards, in Otisfield.

Joseph Jr. and Carol Balducci to Joseph J. Balducci Jr. and Carol D. Balducci and Joseph J. Balducci Jr. and Carol D. Balducci Revocable Trust, in Peru.

John Thomas Thompson to Francisco Luis Gonzalez, in Dixfield.

Michael and Nancy E. Morgan to Peter J. and Mary E. Constanza, in Rumford.

George Robert and Carol Jean Rowe to Ernest M. Fitts IV and Jessica Fitts and Ernest M. Fitts III, in Oxford.

Sara S. Carson and James A. Perry and Oak Crest Realty Trust to Lloyd L. Poland, in Rumford.

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