AUBURN – The Auburn Church of the Nazarene sent six children and three chaperones to compete in “The World Quiz Tournament” Bible quizzing in Indianapolis on Wednesday, June 22. The competition will be held Saturday, June 25. The group traveled by church van.

The International Church of the Nazarene is holding a quadrennial General Assembly in Indianapolis from June 22 through July 1. The Children’s World Quiz Tournament on Saturday will see children up through age 12 compete on biblical knowledge of the Old Testament Books One and Two Samuel.

Tests are in general knowledge, location of scripture references, completion of scripture passages and the like. Children will compete against each other as well as against the clock. There will be more than 2,200 children competing from all over the world.

Trip participants are expected to return Monday, June 27. The children and parents have been practicing and drilling for the competition for roughly a year and actively fund-raising for nearly as long. Participation at this level of competition is a first for this church and a major accomplishment by these kids and parents.

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