LEWISTON – Lewiston Middle School announces its fourth-quarter honor roll.

Grade seven

First honors: Hanan Ahmed, Matthew Beauparlant, Jennifer Bergeron, Jordan Brown, Asia Castro, Ruth Choate, Carley Denis, Nimal Eames-Scott, Shane Eliasen, Hannah Fazio, Christopher Jacques, Nicholas Mathon, Nicholas Parent, Kyle Rousseau, Derrick Roy, Kacie Simpson, Liza Sirois, Jill St. Laurent, Megan Starks, Devin Van Dyke, Erica Webber, Michael Wong.

Second honors: Lynisa Aubin, Chandel Bouthot, Michelle Caron, Amber Cloutier, Emilie Cloutier, Chelsea Delcourt, Samantha Dougherty, Camden Dube, Thomas Elie, Tiffanie Grenier, Ryan Landry, Megan Langley, Bethany Lebel, Sara Martel, Shawn McKeown, Julie Mockler, Shae Morin, Sarah Patrie, Stephen Powers, Matthew Reed, Tyler Roy, Kristin Therrien, Gannon Williams, Carly Yeung, Jar Wei (Amy) Yeung.

Grade eight

First honors: Suzanne Assam, Katherine Avery, Stephanie Belanger, Kailee Brown, Joseph Bussiere, Michael Butler, Kiani Camire, Devin Carrier, Kelsey Cote, Kathryn DeAngelis, Katherine-Ann Desjardins, Kayla Drapeau, Sierra Edwards, Julian Eledia, Lisa Fillmore, Leah Fournier, Olivia Fournier, Devan Houlihan, Gregory LaBonte, Jeremy LaPerriere, Chantalle Lavertu, Tyler Lussier, Amanda Martin, Amy Morin, Nateasha Ouellette, Zachary Racine, Michelle Rancourt, Denise Sheperson, Valerie Wacenske.

Second honors: Kimberly Archibald, Brian Beaucage, Amanda Beggs, Tyler Boilard, Ryan Cloutier, Zachary Delcourt, Andrew Doyle, Kylie Ferland, Danielle Hannan, Kevin Kopack, Cody Lessard, Lianne Marquis, Michael Marston, Brittany McNally, Shane Michaud, Erica Morin, Jordan Ropella, Ryan Shaw, Timothy Stretton, Danielle Taylor, Allysa Thomas, Tyler Turcotte, Tasha Turmenne.

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