FARMINGTON – The following birth has been recorded at Franklin Memorial Hospital.

Lillian Ruth Minoty, a girl to Larrie and Helen Casey (Pelletier) Minoty of Moose Hill, April 20. Sibling, Vivianne; grandparents, Roxanne and Jack Turner of Moose Hill, the late Derrick Pelletier of Fayette, Gary Richards of Jay, Larrie Minoty I of Belgrade, Dawn Minoty of Mount Vernon; great-grandparents, Lee and Helen Strout of Moose Hill, Dick and Becky Pelletier of Fayette, Arlene Rhoades of Readfield.
Androscoggin Valley
BERLIN, N.H. – Androscoggin Valley Hospital has announced the following birth.

Carson Keith Roberge, a boy to Mandy and Keith Roberge of Berlin, N.H., June 23. Grandparents, Diane and Keith Parent of Gorham, N.H., Elaine and Leo Roberge of Berlin, N.H.

Michael Riley Conway, a boy to Tammy Conway of Berlin, June 28. Grandparents, Lucille Couture and Robert Perry of Berlin.

Arianah Alicia Richard, a girl to Christine (Perreault) Richard and Scott Richard, June 26. Grandparents, Leo and Elaine Perreault and Michael and Candy Richard.
Rumford Hospital
RUMFORD – The following births have been recorded at Rumford Hospital.

Travis Austin Levi Kneeland, a boy to Kimberly Skillin and Rodney Kneeland of Mexico, May 22. Siblings, Madyson, Courtney and Victoria; grandparents, Doreen Skillin of Rumford, Kenneth Learned of Andover, the late Dana Kneeland, Naomi Learned of Andover.

Abigail Marie Therriault, a girl to Lynne Hinckley and Phillip Therriault of Dixfield, June 23. Grandparents, Dawn Hinckley of Rumford, Linda Libby and Wayne Hamel of Roxbury, Rodney Therriault of Dixfield; great-grandparents, Marsha Williams of Rumford, Clayton and Denise Libby of Dixfield, Melvin and Jackie Therriault of Dixfield.

Joseph Jean Conlogue Jr., a boy to Amanda Lee Sylvester and Joseph Jean Conlogue Sr. of Livermore Falls, June 24. Sibling, Angela; grandparents, Helen Sylvester of East Livermore, David Bliss of East Livermore, Christina Wilbur of Anson, Christopher Marc Conlogue of Chesterville; great-grandparents, Rita Cushman of Livermore Falls, Ramond Cushman of Farmington.

Kathryn Hannah Rice, a girl to Abbey and Curtis Rice of Rumford, June 27. Grandparents, Norman and Elizabeth Casas of Washington, Carl and Lorna Rice of Torrance, Calif.; great-grandparents, the late William and Arlene Rice, Robert and the late Vivian Clayton of Salt Lake City, Utah, the late Lewis and Helen Wells of Salt Lake City, Utah, Alberto and Aileen Casas of Humacao, Puerto Rica and the late Constance Casas, the late J. Manuel and Kathryn Hughes of Emporia, Kan., Ruth Hughes of Emporia, Kan.
LEWISTON – The following births have been recorded at Central Maine Medical Center.

Lucas Alejandro Daniel Ochea-Durrell, a boy to Carlos and Deanne Ochea-Durrell of Auburn, June 20. Grandparents, Dawn Durrell of Farmington, B. Gloria Eranzo de Orchea, of Nuevan San Salvador, El Salvador, Carlos F. Ochea of Chinameca, El Salvador; great-grandparents, Berta Martinez de Erazo, of Nueva San Salvador, El Salvador, the late Rev. Miguel Erazo, the late Virgilio and Rose Ochea, the late Ronald Peter’ Durrell.

Willam Lionel Parker, a boy to William Parker and Denise Talarico of Lewiston, June 23. Siblings, Marco, Lucas, Marcus, Patrick, Julianna and Victoria; grandparents, Lionel and Rita Potvin of Lewiston, Sarasota, Fla., Janice Powers of Westbrook, Bill and Joan Parker of San Antonio, Fla.; great-grandparents, Ernestine Beaudoin of Lewiston, Alice Larsen of Portland.

Elizabeth Jan Chase, a girl to Lisa and Everett Chase of Greenwood, June 24. Siblings, Brandon, Helen, Gladys, Brenda and Megan; grandparents, Charles and Gladys Oliver of Farmington, the late Rodney and Helen Chase of Lock Mills.

Emma Madeleine Moreau, a girl to Lori and Denis Moreau of Poland, June 24. Sibling, Lily; grandparents, Bert and Madeleine Moreau of Lewiston, Claudia and Keith Truesdale of Arlington, Mass.; great-grandparent, Dorothy Kelly of Arlington, Mass.

Nicolle Elizabeth Staples, a girl to Roger and Jessica Staples of Turner, June 26. Sibling, Riley; grandparents, Alicia and Daniel Taylor of Fayette, Douglas and Ruth Poland of Livermore Falls, Brenda and Russell Staples of Turner; great-grandparents, Marilyn Burgess of Leeds, Arlene and Dallas Staples of Brunswick, the late Gladys Letouineau, the late Gilbert Bradstreet, the late Gerald Staples; great-great-grandparent, Doris Farrel of Richmond.

Addison Lillian Smith, a girl to Krista Labonte and Rick Smith of Sabattus, June 27. Sibling, Adia; grandparents, Cathy and Mark Labonte of Sabattus, Jon and Lori Deflippi of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Kay and Conrad Bernard of Greene, Roger and Lucy Labonte of Shirley, Dr. Norman and Lauralee Farver of Armada, Mich.; great-great-grandparents, Jean Labonte of Auburn, Dominique Labonte of Auburn.

Emily Moselle Dubord, a girl to Mark and Holly Dubord of Livermore, June 27. Siblings, Anneka and Alision; grandparent, Patricia Collins of Livermore; great-grandparent, Harriet Collins of Augusta.

Mackenzie Leyna Buzzell, a girl to Jesse and Kimberly Buzzell of Turner, June 27. Grandparents, John and Terri Trujillo of Turner, Rick and Dodie Buzzell of Gorham; great-grandparents, Bob and Martha Chellis of Gorham, Dick and Ann Buzzell of Gorham, Barb and J.R. Shelby of Bellevue, Ohio.

Allison Katherine Domegan, a girl to Jennifer and James Domegan of South Paris, June 29. Sibling, Jake; grandparents, Richard and Kathy Cormier of Harrison, Rosemarie Domegan and the late Arthur Domegan of Boston, Mass., Pat and Ed Magae of Medord, Mass.; great-grandparents, Rudy Leavitt of Millinocket, Lawarence Cormier of Van Buren; great-great-grandparent, Phyllis Bolduc of Phillips.

Elizabeth Jan Chase, a girl to Lisa and Everett Chase of Greenwood, June 24. Siblings, Brandon, Helen, Gladys, Brenda and Megan; grandparents, Charles and Gladys Oliver of Farmington, the late Rodney and Helen Chase of Lock Mills.

Cowen Jay Pratt, a boy to Tonia and Dwayne Pratt of Wales, June 28. Siblings, Taylor, Patrick, Tristan and Caleb; grandparents, Linda Gilley of Lewiston, David Gilley of Arundel, Leo and Gladys Pratt of Sabattus; great-grandparents, Gerald Gilley of Somerville, Beverly Stilphen of Virginia Beacch, Va., Leo Pratt Sr. of Auburn.

Jack Henry Ramich, a boy to Libby and Joel Ramich of Lisbon, June 28. Sibling, Alyssa; grandparents, Frank and Mary Ramich of Auburn, Patricia Poulin and Charles J. Smith of Lisbon Falls, the late Diana (Ramich) Halle, the late Gilles A. Poulin; great-grandparents, Hilda McCarthy of Harmony.

Moriah Mackenzie Baillargeon, a girl to Tammy Baillargeon of Lewiston, June 28. Grandparents, Nelson and Karen Baillargeon; great-grandparent, Eugenie Baillargeon.

Benjamin Andrew Cloutier, a boy to Shari and Jason Cloutier of Lewiston, June 29. Grandparents, Phil and Nancy St. Pierre of Lewiston, Richard and Patricia Cloutier of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Larry and Fern Bazinet of Lewiston, E. Philip and Rita St. Pierre of Lewiston, Irene Gauthier and the late Paul Gauthier of Lewiston, Walter and Lillian Cloutier of Lewiston.

Makena Ann Nevells, a girl to Kendra and Matt Nevells of Leeds, June 30. Sibling, Kaden; grandparents, Ken and Kathy Borneman of Veazie, Don and Sandy Nevells of Orono; great-grandparents, Colon and Connie Marston of Machias, Gertrude Nevells of Orono.

Jordyn Rylee Cummings, a girl to Jamie and Michael Cummings of Brunswick, June 30. Sibling, Haile Jayde; grandparents, Cecelia and Robert LeBretton of Old Town, Sherry Violette of Old Town; great-grandparents, Joan LeBretton of Old Town, Nancy and David Burns of Machias.

Henri Michael Jefferson Fidler, a boy to Melanie and Sean Fidler of Lisbon, July 2. Grandparents, Mike and Lori McGlinchey of Bath, John and Lisa Fidler of Bangor; great-grandparents, Sherwood and Rita McGlinchey of Old Town, Nina Fidler of Oklahoma City, Okla.

Holly Anna Hunt, a girl to Christie and David Hunt of Monmouth, July 2. Siblings, Abigail and Kaitlin; grandparents, Dwight and Cheryl Littlefield of Bingham, Timothy and Patricia Hunt of Cornville; great-grandparents, Harold and Erma Littlefield of Albion, Madeline French of Parsonsfield, Pearl and Cynthia Hunt of Brewer.

Leana Mitri, a girl to Imad and Violette Mitri of Auburn July 2. Sibling, Nicolas.
Bridgton Hospital
BRIDGTON – The following birth has been recorded at Bridgton Hospital.

Steven Sawyer, a boy to Christine M. and Scot P. Sawyer of Bridgton, June 22. Grandparents, Angelo and Marie Rotendo of Cumberland, RI, Tim and Jill Sawyer of Waterford.
St. Mary’s Hospital
LEWISTON – The following birth has been recorded at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Daniel Richard Naous, a boy to Roger and Jennifer Naous of Lisbon, June 28. Sibling, Sami Mikhael; grandparents, Hayat and the late Mikhael Naous of Lebanon, Richard and Pinky Bussiere of Lisbon, Tim and Janis Goss of Minot; great-grandparents, Stella Carville of Lisbon, Hope Telow of Lewiston.

Mason Joseph Sullivan, a boy to Will and Robin Sullivan of Poland, July 2. Grandparents, Jim and Carol Sullivan of Old Town, Gary and Florence Betters of Greenbush.

Jack Braden Tetreault, a boy to Jeff and Heather Tetreault of Lewiston, June 30. Grandparents, Donald and Denise Morin of Lewiston, Roy and Joann Tetreault of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Jackie Morin of Sabattus, Junette Richard of Lewiston.

Teeonna Margrett Maria Lee Brooker, a girl to Samantha Burgos and Leonard Brooker of Lewiston, July 2. Siblings, Zack Wallace, Rosa Burgos, Harley Brooker; grandparents, Sherry and Vinnie Burgos of Lewiston, Margrett and Lee Brooker of Houlton; great-grandparents, Steven and Joanne Scott of Houlton, Emery and Barbara Strout and Kenneth Ryder of Bangor.

Mackenzie Jewel Sylvester, a girl to Chad Sylvester and Katie McKenzie of Turner, June 28. Grandparents, Pam Walton and Tim McKenzie Sr. of Lewiston, Sharon Sylvester of Winthrop, Steve and Lynn Sylvester of Sabattus; great-grandparents, Merle and Shirley Braley of Turner, Ethel McKenzie of Hebron, Kay Berthaume of Lewiston.

Camrin Lee Hebert, a boy to Courtney Lane and Danny Hebert of Lewiston, June 29. Grandparents, Chris Lane and Tammy Smcholler, Doris Tardiff, Danford Hebert.

Logan Patrick Levesque, a boy to Lynn and Patrick Levesque of Greene, July 3. Grandparents, Roger and Elaine Albert of Lewiston, Donald and Jacqueline Levesque of Lewiston.

Cierra Jaye Barker, a girl to Trevor and Tracy Barker of Greene, July 6. Siblings, Chantel and Cortney; grandparents, Stanley and Penny Bubier Sr. of Greene, Brian and Nancy Barker of Greene; great-grandparents, Georgette Baril of Lewiston, Barbara Barker of Lewiston, Richard Chateauvert of Greene, Dean Morrison of Greene.

Jaden Marcel Johnson, a boy to Brian and Louise Johnson of Auburn, July 7. Sibling, Gabriel Johnson; grandparents, Maurice and Joan Lepage of Greene, Les and Kay Johnson of Mechanic Falls; great-grandparent, Ruie Johnson of Lacey, Wash.

Ariana Ann-Jean Kilton, a girl to Sarah and Jeremy Kilton of Auburn, June 10. Sibling, Kiley Lynn; grandparents, Lynn and Clifford Foss of South Paris, Donald and Michel Mundell of Athol, Mass., Kerra and Jerry Kilton of Auburn; great-grandparents, Kellen and Edwin Reynolds of Machias, Millie Massingill of Athol, Mass., Marylin and Lawrence Tenney of Machias, Kathrine Kilton of Greene.
Mercy Hospital
PORTLAND – The following births have been recorded at Mercy Hospital.

Andrew Jameson Kurkin-Smith, a boy to Valerina Kurkin-Smith and Philip Smith of Portland, June 26. Grandparents, Forest and Eva Smith of Portland and Svitlana and Volodymir, Kiev, Ukraine.

Maya Elizabeth Wilkinson, a girl to Jessica and Jason Wilkinson of Portland, June 22. Grandparents, Deb Dewhurst of Americus, Ga., Alice and Keith Wilkinson of Easton, Md.

Monica T. Fecteau, a girl to Louise and Blake Fecteau of Mechanic Falls, June 22. Grandparents, Beverly Fecteau of Lisbon, Antonio and Ginette Rioux of Lewiston; great-grandparent, Jeannette Rioux of Lewiston.
Stephens Memorial
NORWAY – Stephens Memorial Hospital has announced the following births.

Ashton Christopher Everett, a boy to Olivia Pierce and Nick Everett of South Paris, June 29. Grandparents, Ellen Rawding of South Paris, James Pierce of Waterville, Cathy Everett of West Palm Beach, Fla., and Forrie Everett of South Paris.

Briana Michelle Meserve, a girl to Nate Meserve and Sheena Johnson of Oxford, June 28. Sibling, Briana; grandparents, Noel Hasenfus of Runford, Richard Johnson II of Lisbon, Donald and Nancy Smith of Oxford.
Mid Coast Hospital
BRUNSWICK – The following births have been recorded at Mid Coast Hospital.

Owen Joseph Smith, a boy to Penny R. (Dobson) and Clayton A. Smith of Bowdoinham, June 22. Grandparents, Richard and Jane Farnum of Lisbon Falls, Sherman and Gail Smith of Bowdoinham; great-grandparents, Rev. and Mrs. Clayton Haley of Norway.

Ava Makay Cairns, a girl to Stacy Jean (Owen) and William Joseph Cairns of Topsham, June 24. Grandparents, Carolyn Owen of Lewiston, Catherine Cairns of Topsham, the late William Cairns; great-grandparent, Barbara Owen of Pembroke.

Caleb Christopher LaRose, a boy to Amanda Kay Hart and Jonathon Lee LaRose of Woolwich, June 24. Siblings, Victoria and Allison LaRose; grandparents, Richard Hart of Florida, Rosi Belanger of Woolwich, Wayne LaRose of Bath.

Aubrey Marie Harrison, a girl to Ryanne Marie Trefethen and Joseph Lane Harrison of Brunswick, June 27. Grandparents, Randy Trefethen of Topsham, Theresa Ridlon of Fryeburg, Lynne Harrison of Standish; great-grandparents, John and Sharron Chaves of Coventry, Conn., Merlin and Lois Trefethen of Connecticut.

Joshua Tyler Merrill, a boy to Andrea Marie Belanger and Joshua Leonard Merrill of Lisbon Falls, June 27. Sibling, Sabrina; grandparents, Rome and Billie Belanger of Topsham, Debbie Murphy of Sabattus, Lenny Merrill of Auburn.

Aiden James Serber, a boy to Ashley Elizabeth Bragg and Joshua Ian Serber of Bath, June 27. Sibling, Mason; grandparents, Marlene and Fred Bragg of Yuba City, Calif., Suzanne and John Serber of Windham; great-grandparents, Shirley and Bud Williams of Orange City, Fla., Dayton Serber of Falmouth.

Josiah Sherwood Hays III, a boy to Beverly Estelle (Cross) and Josiah Sherwood Hays II of Warren, June 28. Siblings, Jessica Lynne Gunn, Jordan Sarah Hays; grandparents, the late Idella M. Cross, the late Robert A. Cross Sr. of South Thomaston, Virginia Hays of Waltham, Mass., the late Walter I. Hays.

Alexander Steven Wilson, a boy to Laura L. (Joy) and Steven S. Wilson Jr. of New Gloucester, June 28. Grandparents, Greg and Kathy Joy of New Gloucester, Cindy and Steven Wilson Sr. of Gray; great-grandparents, Ken and Virginia Veazie of Corinna, Elaine Joy of New Gloucester, Victoria Wilson of South Portland, Barbara and Lyle Hartford of Morrill.

Jefferson Lee Sines Jr., a boy to Tina Marie (Taylor) Lisenbury and Jefferson Lee Sines of Bath, June 29. Siblings, Leneya Sines, Sean Janusiewicz; grandparents, Linda and Mike Smith of Brunswick; great-grandparent, Roberta Milliken of Topsham.

Christopher Matthew Aldrich, a boy to Shelly Lynn (Tavernier) and Matthew Alan Aldrich of Dresden, June 30. Grandparents, Norma and Gary Tavernier of Woolwich, Sindy and Doug Engel of Wiscasset.

Jackson Thomas Lorrain, a boy to Jennifer (Strout) and Michael Scott Lorrain of Boothbay Harbor, June 30. Grandparents, Don and Linda Strout of Boothbay, Steve and Jen Lorrain of Boothbay Harbor; great-grandparents, Arlene Strout of Bath, Marie Snow of Boothbay Harbor.

Emma Grace Matteson, a girl to Hannah Ruth (Piatt) and David Kenneth Matteson of Topsham, July 1. Siblings, Ariel, Connor and Kelsey; grandparents, Christine and Robert Piatt of Washington, N.H., Craig Matteson of Richmond, Susan and John Fieblekorn of Chatham, Mass.; great-grandparents, James and Beatrice Woodland of Florida.

Cheyenne Nicole Snyder, a girl to Shawna Marie (Roberts) and Clarence David Snyder of Wiscasset, July 1. Siblings, Cody Roberts and Cameron Snyder.

Christopher John Charles Tebben, a boy to Andrea Shirley (Williams/Scammacca) and Christopher John Tebben of Bath, July 4. Siblings, Kristin, Sharon, and Jessica Scammacca; grandparents, John R. and Karen Williams of Bath, Charles and Marjorie Tebben of Brunswick.

Aubrey Anne Costello, a girl to Kristin Angelica (Taylor) and Gary Scott Costello of Brunswick, July 5. Grandparents, Frank and Carol Taylor of Danielson, Conn., Barbara Costello of Webster, Mass., great-grandparents, Bill Taylor of Jacksonville, Fla., Norma Robbins of Pomfrey, Conn., Phyllis Allen of Plain Field, Conn.

Grace Evelyn Holmes and Lucia Elisabeth Holmes, twin girls to Adina Gayle (Miller) and Ronald Matthew Holmes of Topsham, July 5. Sibling, Gabriel Alexander Holmes; grandparents, LeRoy and Janet Miller of Lincoln, Bill and Jean Trapp of Hopkinsville, Ky.

Isabela Kylie Crawford, a girl to Melania Janet (Silva) and Brandon Lee Crawford of Brunswick, July 6. Sibling, Brandon Lee Crawford Jr.; grandparents, Salvador and Virginia Silva of Pacoima, Calif., Bobby D. and Drina R. Crawford of Kapolei, Hawaii.

Ethan Matthew Gatti, a boy to Debra Marie (Levesque) and Matthew John Gatti of Woolwich, July 7. Grandparents, Ronald and Angie Levesque of Lewiston, John Gatti of Bath, Roberta Sherwood of Bath.

Ean Xavier Maske, a boy to Jessie Alanipua Maske and Jason Xavier Haskell of Augusta, July 7. Siblings, Gavynn Gabriel Maske, Haley Johnson, Jordan Palmeter; grandparents, Joyce Maske of Augusta, Jerry Maske of Sullivan, Francis Collins of South China, Dorthy Haskell of Jacksonville, Fla.

Cameron Elisabeth Hendrix, a girl to Julia (Duvall) and Justin Boyd Hendrix Sr. of Brunswick, July 8. Sibling, JB Hendrix (Justin Boyd Jr.); grandparents, Barbara Huttman of Kansas City, Mo., Cecil Duvall of Marietta, Ga., Terry Reeves of Grayson, Ga., Greg Hendrix of Atlanta, Ga.; great-grandparents, Alcie and Walter Thornton of Avondale, Ga., Horace and Yvonne Reeves of Rutledge, Ga.

Taylor Yvonne Belle Swisher, a girl to Cassandra Yvonne Bellefleur and Randy Dean Swisher Jr. of Topsham, July 8. Grandparents, Daniel and Bettina Bellefleur of Topsham, Patsy Taylor of Bath, Randy Swisher Sr. of New Sharon.

Elexys Login Landry, a girl to Holli M. (McDougal) and Joseph B. Landry of Lisbon, July 9. Siblings, Myranda, Danielle, Devon, Madyson; grandparents, Sherman and Cheryl Johanson of Harpswell, Madeliene Landry of Georgia.

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