James Cooper, 46, Livermore

“I watch gas prices every day. I recently sold a truck and I’m driving a smaller car. It was costing me $50 every time (to fill up) and I drive 50 miles a day. It impacts my pocket.”

Diana Lincoln, 50, Poland Spring

“I will take a day and run all necessary errands in one time, instead of spreading it out. Even appointments, I’ll schedule them together (to avoid wasting gas.)”

Lois Libby, 36, Oxford

“I travel from Oxford-they’re too high. I look for the lowest prices, usually.”

Jessie O’Sullivan, 21, Auburn

“I just miss the 99-cent Tuesdays at Getty’s.”

Alexander Budek, 60, Turner

“I think we’re overpriced and I’m not sure there’s really a shortage. I just think they wanted to jack up the price.”

Tifany Boyd, 33, Auburn

“Oh my God, (it’s) horrible. It’s just horrible. I drive to Portland every day. It used to be $100 for a week, now we’re talking $150, close to $175.”

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