RUMFORD – The following cases were closed recently in 11th District Court.

Burke E. Anderson, 40, Medway, Pa., permitting operation of watercraft by another and operating without a lake or river protection sticker on July 4, both charges waived, fined $100 for each charge.

Ronald Bouchard, 27, Dixfield, operating while license suspended or revoked on Dec. 12, found guilty, fined $250.

Mable Buiniskas, 53, Bethel, allowing a dog to be at large on Feb. 23, waived, fined $50.

Sarah M. Burton, 23, Uncasville, Conn., operating a vehicle without a license on Jan. 2, waived, fined $150.

Keith A. Conant III, 45, Harvard, Mass., fishing without a valid license on June 19, waived, fined $100.

Simon Dumont, 19, allowing a minor to possess or consume liquor on June 4, sent to jury trial.

Gary Farquhars, 41, Byron, barking dogs on Feb. 2, dismissed.

Glenn R. Fyrberg, 52, Andover, violating condition of release on July 15, probation violation, sentenced to 39 days and probation partially revoked and continued.

David A. Gaudet, 39, Dixfield, assault, terrorizing and obstructing the report of a crime on June 28, all charges sent to jury trial.

Charles A. Gaura, 52, Rumford, violating a fishing rule on July 16, waived, fined $100.

Fredrick E. Hodgkins, 46, Roxbury, failure to register a vehicle on March 8, found guilty, fined $100.

Timothy M. Holland, 22, Peru, littering on Feb. 21, offense committed, fined $50.

Christopher Huard, 28, Rumford, unlawful use of a license on June 21, found guilty, sentenced to 24 hours.

Billie J. Lawton, 33, Rumford, operating while license suspended or revoked on Jan. 22, found guilty, fined $250.

James Mathers, 45, Dixfield, junkyard/automobile graveyard violation on Oct. 15, offense committed, fined $1,500.

David M. McMillan, 24, Prescott, Ariz., violating a fishing rule on July 7, waived, fined $100.

Susan Mills, 28, Dixfield, cruelty to animals and two counts of keeping an unlicensed dog on Feb. 24, first charge filed with no cost, second, third and fourth charges dismissed.

Steven Perrault, 30, Mexico, operating a vehicle without a license on Nov. 10, criminal attempt on Nov. 12 and theft of services and criminal mischief on March 8, found guilty on all charges, fined $150 on first charge and $250 on second charge; unconditional discharge on third charge; fined $750 and $700 restitution on fourth charge.

Hugo Savard, 28, East Angus, duty status not current rule violation on July 11, waived, fined $250.

Larry G. Smith Sr., four counts of cruelty to animals on Sept. 18, first charge adjudicated, fined $500; second, third and fourth charges filed with no cost.

Jeremy D. Stefano, 32, Marragamsett, R.I., allowing a minor to operate an ATV in violation and operating an ATV on a public way on June 28, both charges waived, fined $100 for each charge.

Steven Taylor, 30, Weld, operating while license suspended or revoked on Jan. 20, found guilty, fined $250.

Joe J. Turner, 23, Mexico, keeping a dangerous dog on Feb. 16, filed with no cost.

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