AUBURN – The Edward Little High School class of 1995 10-year reunion will be held on Sunday, Oct. 9, at the Carriage House, Lisbon Street, Lewiston. Social hour will be from 7 to 8 p.m. and a buffet from 8 to 10. Dancing will follow from 10 to 11 p.m.

The Reunion Committee is still searching for addresses for the following classmates:

Bradford Armstrong, Bjoern Awe, Erica Bean, Brian Belanger, Corey Belanger, Aaron Bermudez, Robert Billings, Christina Binette, Jennifer Bisson, Robert Bisson, Maria Boisvert, Richard Bouchard, Robert Bryant, Linda Burrows, Janet Camire, Andrew Capone-Newton, Angela Carrier, Jeanie Cote, Clint Chicoine, Brenday Choiniere.

Also, Jennifer Cloutier, Constance Coffin, Nelson Coolidge, Leslie Corey, Josh Cornish, Jennifer Costa, Adam Croteau, Jonathan Cunningham, Selina Doyon, Lisa Dulac, Anthony Edwards, Jennifer Estabrook, Kimberly Farrington, Seana Fortin, Dennis Gagne, Shannon Gibbens.

Also, Chad Godin, Amber Goodson, Melissa Gorten, Kyle Griffin, Rusty Hammond, Chris Hawley, Sara Hebert, Shawn Hebert, Candace Hodsdon, Daphna Holbrook, Claire Howard, Elmer Howard, Amy Hunt, Jamie Irizarry, Patrick Jackson, Nicole Johnson, Gregory Jones, Kristy Keene, Samantha King, Shawnee Kuzdal.

Also, Kimberly Lafrance, Amy Langley, Katie Lecompte, Harmony Levesque, Jennifer Lowell, Karri Madore, Tina Marquis, Heidi Marston, Jason Martin, Nancy Martin, John Mastrianno, Dominic Mauro, Shawn McGuinness, Dylan McKenney, Tanya McQuade, Shanan Mendenhall, Edith Molnar-Gabor, Andrea Moody.

Also, Brooke Morin, Kristina Mouritsen, David Muise, Joshua Niss, Thomas Nyberg, Ronen O’Hayon, Sarah Oldham, Angelique Ouellette, Nadia Ouellette, Tommy Ouellette, Steven Pagnani, Laurie Parlin, Tony Passalaqua, Steve Pilot, Brian Pomerleau, Annette Ray, Jason Reblin, Bill Redmun, Melanie Reed, Kathryn Reichartinger.

Also, Scott Richard, Geoffrey Ring, Heather Ring, Erik Robertson, Judith Rosenbaum, Tony Roy, Matthew Ruttenberg, Kimberly Saucier, Lisa Semans, Denise Simpson, Cindy Small, Amy Smith, Andy Smith, Eric Smith, Lee Smith, Carl Solander, Scott St. Hilaire, Sharon Stacey, Stephanie Stroud.

Also, Brian Strout, Bryan Tannehill, Ryan Tardiff, Jennifer Tilton, Rachel Tolman, David Townsend, Michael Townsend, John Tracy, Lewis Trask, Annie Travers, Andrea Tremblay, Melissa Verrill, Joseph Vincent, Scott Vogel, Denyse Walden, Eric Wallace, David Walton, Jim Whalen, Billiegee White and Joseph White

Anyone who has information about the above classmates is asked to contact Nancy Fournier at [email protected] or 783-8478 or Mary Beth Sweetser Galway at [email protected] or 336-3955.

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