SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Francisco Luis Gonzalez to Nathan Stempel, in Dixfield.

Oak Crest Realty Trust and Sara S. Carson and James A. Perry to Douglas and Diane Fisher Wood, in Rumford.

Kevin M. McCaul to Eric Poirier and Caroline Rodrigue, in Newry.

Margaret A. Sawyer to Daniel A. and Candy M. Figueroa, in Oxford,

George LaPolice and LaPolice Living Trust and Doris LaPolice and Doris LaPolice and George LaPolice to Thomas and Natalie Leary, in Hartford.

Michael L. and Susan L. Meservier to Nickolas J. Cromwell and Lori L. Chesser, in Andover.

James S. Gates and estate of Lloyd S. Gates to James Stearns and William Thomas Gates and Gates Family Trust, in Norway.

Neil E. Sorensen to Neil E. and Susan E. Sorensen, in Peru.

Judith A. Frank and estate of Norman E. Frank to Judith A. Frank, in Dixfield.

Marco F. DeSalle and estate of John R. DeSalle to Josephine J. Gallant, in Rumford.

Cynthia P. Tucker and estate of James Henry Tucker to Cynthia P. Tucker, in Buckfield.

Margaret A. Martin and Margaret A. Kaulback to Kevin M. Kaulback, in Mexico.

Bertha H. Kimball and estate of Merritt M. Kimball to Bertha H. and Davis W. Kimball, in Waterford.

Advanced Quality Custom Homes LLC to Walter W. and Linda M. Law, in Paris.

S. R. Golf Holdings LLC to Matthew L. and Ellen H. Theodores, in Newry.

Leslie R. Gammon to Leslie R. and Marianne L. Gammon, in Waterford.

Justin M. Hamilton to Wesley M. and Donna C. Wentworth, in Norway.

Cheryl Shattenberg and Cheryl A. Erickson and Cheryl A. Shattenberg to John H. and Kathryn DesRochers Palmer, in West Paris.

Maureen O’Rourke to Dorean Maines, in Woodstock.

Robert C. Scott to Robert C. and Mitzi Scott, in Peru.

Ross A. Jerome Jr. to Mark Myles, in Rumford.

Barry Randall to William and Sharon Woitkiewicz, in Norway.

Harriette V. and Harriett V. Estes to Harriette V. and Gary T. and Wilson L. Estes, in Peru.

Malcolm A. and Barbara Haynes French to Jason B. and Mandy A. Rand, in Woodstock.

Karl A. and Elke M. Gebhard to Pinnacle Cemetery, in Buckfield.

Duane Gilbert to Albert U. and Crystal A. Lake, in Greenwood.

Town of Newry to Randall and Audrey and William and Gail Brooke, in Newry.

Nadeau Development Corp. Inc. to Woodstock Realty LLC, in Woodstock.

Erika L. Frank and Inca Trust to Joseph M. Brickel, in Buckfield.

Anita M. Parise to Therence J. Parise, in Rumford.

Crystal Martin to Crystal and Charles Martin, in Mexico.

E. Brian and Vicki Cleary to Saddle Ridge Holdings LLC.

Milton E. Mills to Thornton Farms Inc., in Milton Plantation.

Bethel Inn Corporation to Douglas J. and Eileen C. McKeown, James J. and Kimberly A. Holley (2), John J. and Ann M. Chernoch, all in Bethel.

John J. and Ann M. Chernoch to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Marlene Viger to Roger A. Viger, in Rumford.

Estate of Gladys J. and Gladys Ross and Retha Sinclair to Daniel A. III and Lucille M. Small, in Mexico.

Gerald and Lorna Kilgore to James G. and Norma J. Palmer, in Paris.

Louise M. Kursmark to Eric Eichholz, in Newry.

Christopher W. Vreeland to Christopher W. Vreeland and Dawn Pressey, in Oxford.

Estate of Wilder V. Kimball Jr. and David V. Kimball to David V. Kimball, in Rumford.

Estate of Wilder V. Kimball Jr. and David V. Kimball to Gay K. Gamage, in Rumford.

William R. and Patricia H. Weston to Roberta H. Pratt, in Oxford.

Timothy W. Witham to Martha A. MacFarland, in Paris.

Stephen F. III and Stephen F. and Cynthia A. Nolan to Jeffrey Stearns, in Bethel.

Terry W. Lord Sr. to Cobble View Properties Inc., in Norway.

Andrew J. Marshall to Michael J. Marshall, in Norway.

Lloyd L. Poland to Richard A. Albert and Cheryl Hebert, in Rumford.

Christopher J. and Samantha J. Noyes to Eric D. and Miranda C. Buotte, in Dixfield.

Dana L. and Jean A. White to Nancy Fauser, in Greenwood.

Cathy E. Hart to Michael Fraser, in Bethel.

Arthur E. and Betty Ann Smith to Stephen F. III and Cynthia A. Nolan and Alexander J. Pires and Diane E. Cooley, in Bethel.

Terry N. Childs to Susan C. Burbridge and Kimberly J. Burman, in Greenwood.

Schiavi Properties to Charles LaBrecque, in Oxford.

Jamie D. O’Leary to Jamie D. and Sarah O’Leary, in Mexico.

Jeremy J. and Rebecca Morin to David Bagdasarian and James T. Walsh, in Bethel.

Mark D. and Connie M. Ramsdell to Mark D. Ramsdell, in Hebron.

David F. Dean to David F. and Vicki Dean, in Buckfield.

Sylvio W. Martin to Tracy L. Knight, in Paris.

Paul Messac to Bertrand M. Chasse Jr., in Hartford.

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