LEWISTON – The following divorces were granted recently in Maine 8th District Court.

James Kelley of Vine Grove, Ky., and Suzanne Kelley of Lisbon, married May 20, 2000, in Bath.

Anthony Corey of Auburn and Tina St. Cyr of Lewiston, married Sept. 4, 1998, in Lewiston.

Donald Bisson of Auburn and Beth Bisson of Auburn, married June 2, 2001, in Auburn.

Robert Winders of Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Patricia Winders of Durham, married in 1990 in Brunswick.

Daniel Coleman of Mechanic Falls and Jennifer Coleman of Lewiston, married Aug. 3, 2002, in Lewiston.

Jonethan LaChance of Auburn and Lisa LaChance of Lewiston, married Aug. 14, 1999, in South Portland, custody of three children to be shared.

James Lindsay of Scarborough and Toi Lindsay of Lewiston, married May 17, 1997, in Phippsburg, custody of two children to be shared.

Paul Caron of Lewiston and Romana Caron of Lewiston, married April 2, 1977, in Lewiston.

Nathan Landon in Lisbon and Ginger Landon of Woodland, Calif., married August 1994 in Bullhead City, Ariz.

Eric Horner of Gatlinburg, Tenn., and Margaret Horner of Lewiston, married March 20, 1999, in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Vincent Torres of Jamaica Plain, Mass., and Mickey Torres of Lewiston, married June 1995 in Hallowell, custody of one child awarded to plaintiff.

Miguel Camacho-Santacruz of Denver, Colo., and Shirley Camacho-Santacruz of Lewiston, married Oct. 25, 2003, in Scarborough.

Russell Toye of Winthrop and Sabrina Toye of Auburn, married Nov. 4, 2000, in Winthrop.

Ricky Jordan of Lewiston and Judy Jordan of Lewiston, married Dec. 10, 1999, in Lewiston, custody of one child to be shared.

Jeffrey Fabian of Jersey Shore, Penn., and Shelby Fabian of Lewiston, married May 22, 1999, in Dover, Del., custody of one child to be shared.

Jeffrey Glover of Lewiston and Judith Glover of New Bedford, Mass., married Dec. 17, 1997, in Norfolk, Mass., custody of one child, no order.

Richard LaRue of Greene and Charlotte LaRue of Greene, married April 19, 2002, in Readfield.

Robert Annance of Mechanic Falls and Darlene Annance of Oxford, married Feb. 20, 1982, in Oxford, custody of one child to be shared.

Christopher Guild of Livermore and Robyn Guild of Livermore, married on Aug. 13, 2001, in Miami.

Danny Libby of Wales and Deborah Libby of Lewiston, married Dec. 29, 1993, in Lewiston, custody of three children to be shared.

Toby Wills of Lisbon and Jody Wills of Lewiston, married June 6, 1998, in Lisbon, custody of two children to be shared.

Dino Sawyer of Durham and Nancy Boulanger of Durham, married Sept. 6, 1987, in Fairlee, Vt., custody of two children to be shared.

Michael Derosier of Bangor and Linda Derosier of Minot, married Sept. 21, 1991, in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

James Carville of Lisbon Falls and Debra Carville of Lisbon Falls, married March 7, 1981, in Lisbon.

Christopher Dingwell of Durham and Jennifer Dingwell of Durham, married Oct. 26, 2002, in Durham.

Glenn Gurney of Lewiston and Jennifer Gurney of Greene, married Oct. 26, 1996, in Lewiston.

Ronnie Walker Sr. of Auburn and Cynthia Walker of Auburn, married June 25, 1988, in Auburn, custody of two children to be shared.

Daniel Beasley of Lewiston and Sherrain Beasley of Lewiston, married Aug. 16, 2001, in Poland, custody of three children to be shared.

Michael Johnson of Minot and Melissa Johnson of Augusta, married Sept. 1, 2001, in Auburn, custody of two children to be shared.

Brian Letourneau of Lisbon Falls and Shannon Letourneau of Lisbon, married May 7, 2004, in Lewiston, mother has sole parental rights and responsibilities of three children.

Bradley Krog Jr. of Durham and Kasey Krog of Lisbon Falls, married June 10, 2000, in Durham, custody of of two children to be shared.

Robert Waterman Jr. of Lewiston and Karen Waterman of Lewiston, married Oct. 25, 1986, in Lewiston.

Leonard Harris of Providence, R.I., and Alexandria Forbes Harris of Lewiston, married July 2, 1999, in Providence, R.I., custody of four children awarded to the plaintiff.

John Julian of Auburn and Deana Julian of Wales, married Aug. 25, 1990, in Auburn, custody of three children to be shared.

Jose Rodriguez of Lewiston and Charlene Rodriguez of Lewiston, married in Greene, custody of one child to be shared.

Thomas Gauthier of New London, N.C., and Eleanor Gauthier of Lewiston, married on March 2, 2002, in Lewiston.

William Webber Jr. of Lisbon and Karen Webber of Lisbon, married May 25, 1985, in Lisbon Falls.

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