DIXFIELD – Ludden Memorial Library announces new arrivals for September.

Adult fiction

“A Bride Most Begrudging,” Gist; “Age of Anxiety,” Johnson; “Angels in the Gloom,” Perry; “Bette,” Cote; “Chloe,” Cote; “Dancing in the Dark,” Clark; “Fiddlers,” McBain; “First Love,” Sharp; “Hunt Ball,” Brown.

Also, “Riders of the Death Water Valley,” Work; “School Days,” Parker; “Straight into Darkness,” Kellerman; “Straken,” Brooks; “The Last Days of Dog Town,”, Diamant; “The Painted Drum,” Erdrich; “The Divide,” Evans.

Adult nonfiction

“100 People Who Are Screwing Up America…,” Goldberg; “A Room Full of Mirrors: A Bio of Jimi Hendrix,” Cross; “Better Homes and Gardens Biggest Book of Casseroles”; “Easier Than You Think,” Carlson; “Idiot,” Damon; “Imperial Saint Petersburg from Peter the Great to Catherine II.”

Also, “Memoirs of a Gold Hunter,” Stevens; “Never Have Your Dog Stuffed,” Alda; “Phenomenon,” Browne; “Rome Guide: In Style, in the Know, On Line”; “The Germ Fighters Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu,” Janse.

Adult fiction, large print

“Aprons on the Clothesline,” DePree; “Lyon’s Gate,” Coulter; “The Rose Legacy,” Heitzmann.

Juvenile fiction

“Free Again,” Farley; “If You Give Pig a Party,” Numeroff; “Katie and the Mustang,” Duey; “Mrs. Honey’s Dream,” Adams; “Mrs. Honey’s Glasses,” Adams; “Mrs. Honey’s Hat,” Adams: “Mrs. Honey’s Holiday,” Adams; “Thanks to the Animals,” Sockabasin; “The Maze of the Beast,” Roda; “The Pretender,” Applegate.

Young adult fiction

“Magic or Madness,” Larbalestier.

Juvenile nonfiction

“Camero,” Wheeler; “Paul Bunyan,” Gleeson; “Rain, Rain, Rain Forest,” Guiberson; “Sedimentary Rocks,” Stewart; “Start the Car,” Mander; “The American Paint Horse,” Denniston; “The American Quarter Horse,” Parise-Peterson; “The Arabian Horse,” Braulick; “Zoo’s Who: Poems and Paintings,” Florian.

Audio CDs

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” Smith; “Day of the Death,” Jance; “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger,” Gregory; “Looking for Peyton Place,” Delinsky; “The Kite Runner,” Hosseini.


“A Common Life,” “A New Song,” “In This Mountain” and “Out to Canaan,” all by Karon


“A Kiss of Fate,” Putney; “Blaze,” Ross; “Dark Sky,” Neggers; “Harbinger,” Mack; “In the Dark,” Melton; “Lethal Seduction,” Collins; “Savage Vision,” Edwards; “The Empty Hours,” McBain; “The Sixth Shotgun,” L’ Amour.

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