LEWISTON – The following births have been recorded at Central Maine Medical Center.

Preston Michael Gerry, a boy to Skip and Melissa Gerry of New Gloucester, Aug. 30. Siblings, Ethan, Victoria; grandparents, Mike and Linda Gerry of Lincoln, Charles and Victoria Dunner of Durham; great-grandparents, Marilyn Bowers of Lincoln, Edith Gerry of Lincoln, Charles Dunner Sr. of Leominster, Mass.

Samantha Casey Capalbo, a girl to Kevin and Cyndi Capalbo of Lewiston, Sept. 2.

Mckenna Deborah Murphy, a girl to Patrick and Kara Murphy of Buckfield, Sept. 6. Grandparents, Stephen and Joni Herling of Lisbon, David and Lis Murphy of Minot, Judie Murphy and Richard Jacques of Farmington; great-grandparents, Jaenette Herling of Durham, Albert and Marion Bernier of Lisbon.

Michael Alan Cornwall, a boy to Kimberly and Ben Cornwall of Auburn, Sept. 6. Sibling, Daniel; grandparents, Susan and Dan Cornwall of Newbury, Mass., Michael and Miara Carmen of South Portland; great-grandparents, Robert and Maryella Halverstadt of New Canaan, Conn.

Nikalus Ray McLaughlin, a boy to Jessica and Douglas McLaughlin of Gardiner, Sept. 7. Sibling, Ashton; grandparents, Carol and Dan McLaughlin of West Gardiner, Moe Vachon of Monmouth, Rachel Vachon of England; great-grandparent, Marian Blair of Augusta.

Noah Fifield Mallette, a boy to Kathryn Mallett of Auburn, Sept. 7. Grandparents, Sheryl Cizmadia of Sanford, Albert Mallett of North Clarenton, Vt.; great-grandparents, Mary Steves of Hubberton, Vt., Wilma Falherity of Poultney, Vt.

Piper Elizabeth Cohen, a girl to David and Leigh-Anne Cohen of Lewiston, Sept. 7. Grandparents, Paul and Cynthia Deschenes of Lewiston, Ronald Cohen of Rochester, Mass., Beverly Cohen of Bridgewater, Mass.; great-grandparents, Anita Deschenes of Lewiston, Betty Fronkel of Bridgewater, Mass.

Courtney Gallagher, a girl to Nicole and Joshua Gallagher of Wales, Sept. 7. Grandparents, Dana and Joseph Walker of Litchfield, Donna and Timothy Gallagher of Sabattus, David and Michelle Wing of Litchfield; great-grandparents, Betty and Ronald Brooks of Litchfield, Edith and Malcolm Miller of Bath, Gertrude Wing of Litchfield.

Abbigail Taylor Libby, a girl to Lois and Darrin Libby of Oxford, Sept. 7. Siblings, Zachary, Michael; grandparents, Michael and Cheryl Taylor of Poland, Elaine Gammon of South Paris, the late Katherine Taylor, the late Robert Gammon; great-grandparents, Albert and Hilda Brackett of Oxford, Charles and Elizabeth Taylor of Mercer, Frank and Marilyn Greene of Oxford.

Alyssa Marie Marcoux, a girl to Chris and Bobbie Jo Marcoux of Lewiston, Sept. 7. Sibling, Tyler; grandparents, Linda and Paul Rought of Candor, NY, Larry and Diane Marcoux of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Doris Comisky of Lisbon, Roger Nadeau of Auburn, Brydie Rought of Candor, N.Y.

Jasmyne Jayda-Jean Bodger, a girl to Jennifer Greenlaw and Daniel Bodger of Lewiston, Sept. 9. Grandparents, John and Donna Greenlaw of Poland, Linda Bodger of Lewiston; great-grandparents, George and Effie Thurlow of Poland, Vivian Belanger of Lewiston.

Aaron Joseph Kiley, a boy to Bill and Julie Kiley of Rumford, Sept. 9. Sibling, Will; grandparents, Dave and Thelma Middleton of Wellsville, Pa., Bill and Gerry Kiley of Rowley, Mass.; great-grandparent, Julie Middleton of Hague, NY.

Hunter James Price, a boy to Dana and Annette Price of Mechanic Falls, Sept. 9. Siblings, Tim, Dustin, Jennifer, Angel, Alex; grandparents, Ralph Price of Durham, Gerry Price of Durham, Stan and Janet Seigers of Damariscotta.

Sayle Alyn Noelle Delmastro, a girl to Alan and Trudi Delmastro of Lewiston, Sept. 12. Sibling, Elisabeth; grandparents, Alan and Sylvia Delmastro of Manchester, N.H., Donna Frattini of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Roger and Lucille LaFond of Manchester, N.H., Vincent and Ann Delmastro of Brooklyn, Conn.; great-great-grandparent, Pepere Ouimette of Quebec, Canada.

Gabrielle May McAlister, a girl to Marie Theriault and Danny McAlister of Buckfield, Sept 12. Sibling, Cassandra; grandparents, Donna Snay of Turner, Sheila and Phil McAlister of Buckfield, Roger Theriault of Windham; great-grandparents, Alfreda and Don White of Buckfield, Janet Pomerleau of Buckfield, Robert Theriault of Auburn, Phillip McAlister of Buckfield; great-great-grandparent, Dorothy Reid of Buckfield.

Finn Armstrong Crumlish, a boy to Sara Armstrong and Peter Crumlish of Hebron, Sept. 12.

Emily Elisabeth Allen, a girl to Lisa and John Allen of Auburn, Sept. 13. Siblings, Corey, Gage, Jordan, Jennifer; grandparents, Sheila Ryerson of Auburn, Virginia Allen of Poland; great-grandparent, Beryl Daniels of Norway.

Allison Rose Latulippe, a girl to Sarabeth and Shawn Latulippe of Auburn, Sept. 13. Grandparents, Edith Mottram of Minot, Frank Mottram Jr. of Minot; great-grandparents, Frank Mottram Sr. of Mechanic Falls, Pat Lane of Auburn, Owen Whitney of Port Charlotte, Fla.

Alyssa Mae Lambert, a girl to Sally Camire and Jon Lambert of Auburn, Sept. 13. Sibling, Brittney; grandparents, Pauline and Roland Camire Jr. of Saco, Mona and Tommy Lambert of Saco; great-grandparents, Rachel Ruel of Saco, Maxine and Roland Camire of Saco, Mae Billingslea of Old Orchard Beach, Louise Tarlton of Portland.

Dodge Jeffrey LaFrinea, a boy to Jeffrey and Angela LaFrinea of Poland, Sept. 13. Sibling, Shelby; grandparents, Brent and Rachel LaFrinea of Poland, Sue Down of Lewiston; great-grandparent, Francis Allen of Auburn.

Nicholas Christopher LeBrasseur, a boy to Robert and Kimberly LeBrasseur of Auburn, Sept. 14. Grandparents, Roger and Joan Blais of Auburn, Charles and Liette LeBrasseur of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Ida Dumais of Auburn, Kathleen Blais of Auburn.

Fiona Priola, a girl to Brian and Sonja Priola of Otisfield, Sept. 15. Siblings, Payson, Madeline; grandparents, Jim and Sheila Priola of Poland, Dave and Lenna Howe of Oxford; great-grandparents, John and Eilene O’Sullivan of Poland, Charles and Lois Howe of Woodstock.

Kelsey Jade Young, a girl to Jessica and Greg Young of Sabattus, Sept. 16. Sibling, Kiera; grandparents, Terri Craft of Waterville, Judith and Joel Kalel of Glenburn, Irvin “Sonny” and Sheila Young of New York; great-grandparents, John and Bonnie Redland of Sun City West, Ariz.

Kylee Ann Morongell, a girl to Kerry and George Morongell of Lisbon Falls, Sept. 16. Sibling, Katelyn; grandparents, Susan Conroy of Lisbon, Linda and Mike Morongell of Jacksonville, Fla.; great-grandparent, Carole Cooper of Jacksonville, Fla.

Dustin Roscoe Scott, a boy to Angela and Riley Scott of Lewiston, Sept. 16. Siblings, Lily, Kaedance; grandparents, Dawn Libbey and Brian Howe of Pownal, Terry McQuitty of Norwood, Mass., Craig Scott; great-grandparents, Doris and Richard Burnham of Westbrook, Teressa Libbey, Jerry and Rosemary McQuitty; great-great-grandparent, Vera Luther.

Joshua James Leroy Warren, a boy to Matthew Warren and Sierra Swan of Auburn, Sept. 17. Sibling, Sabrina; grandparents, Timothy Swan of Lisbon, Jodi-Lynn Swan of Lisbon, Karen Barnard of Mechanic Falls, Brent Warren Sr. of Waterville; great-grandparents, Luccille and John Warren of Windham.

Leah Morgan Dube, a girl to Christopher and Danielle Dube of Lewiston, Sept. 17. Sibling, Brie; grandparents, Dick and Elaine Dube of Lewiston, Ray and Joyce Voisine of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Rita Dube of Lewiston, Doris Duprey of Mechanic Falls.

Sienna Rayne and Cheyenne Autumn Toth, twin girls, Debbie and Nelson Toth of Poland, Sept. 17. Siblings, Zachary, Doug, Chelsea, Jennifer; grandparents, Eleanor and the late Chester Ridley of Auburn, Charles and Eleanor Jones of Buckfield.

Ella Valentine Edwards, a girl to Ashlea and Shane Edwards of Auburn, Sept. 19. Sibling, Hannah; grandparents, Mary and Robert Morin of Poland, Ivy and Guard Edwards of Poland, Larry Koval of Windham.

Gage Alexander Smith, a boy to Brian and Melissa Smith of Auburn, Sept. 20. Grandparents, Alex and Denise McCullan of Minot, Norman and Chris Scribner of Durham; great-grandparents, Thelma Scribner of Durham, Stubby and Guenny Stebbins of Lisbon Falls.

Chloe Elizabeth Fournier, a girl to David and Joline Fournier of Litchfield, Sept. 20. Sibling, Sophia; grandparents, Ann and Gerald Fournier of Wales, Sue Roy of Auburn, Rick and Denise Roy of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Madeline LeBlanc; Peter and Theresa Daignault.

Ava Isabelle Braunscheidel, a girl to Jay and Angie Braunscheidel of Auburn, Sept. 21. Sibling, Sophia; grandparents, John and Lynne DiBiase of Poland, Bud and Barbara Braunscheidel of Tonawanda, N.Y. great-grandparents, Bill and Terry McPhee of Poland, John and Maralyn DiBiase of Portland.

Ridge Ronald Dionne, a boy to Ryan and Erica Dionne of Lewiston, Sept. 22. Grandparents, Dan and Diane Letourneau of Lewiston, Ron and Carol Dionne of Lewiston.

Genevieve Eileen Chiasson, a girl to Mark and Katie Chiasson of Dixfield, Sept. 25. Sibling, Marina; grandparents, Elieen and the late Chris Chiasson of Rumford, Edna and the late Edward Maloney of Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Mark Erick Hotham II, a boy to Ann and Mark Hotham, Sept. 25. Siblings, Everett, Eben, Alexis, Elizabeth.

Hailee Rose Nielsen, a girl to Danielle Nielsen of Greene, Sept. 25. Grandparents, Cyndi and David Nielsen of Greene, Dianna Moyer of Turner, Paul Doyon of Auburn.

Shirome Latif Coy, a boy to Chasity Coy of Lewiston, Sept. 26. Siblings, Daijna, Mercadeez; grandparents, Janet Coy of Auburn, Robert Peters of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Pat and Stan Coy of Auburn, Suzanne Peters of Lewiston.

Camron Scott Lothrop, a boy to Kimberly Laughlin and Randall Lothrop of Lewiston, Sept. 26. Siblingsm Kaden, Kyla; grandparents, Mae and Douglas A. Lothrop Sr. of Dixfield, Aleta and Elmer Allen of Lewiston, Michael Farnum of Hartford, Conn.

Savannah Elizabeth Kennedy, a girl to Philip and Melanie Kennedy of Durham, Sept. 26. Siblings, Christopher, Amanda, Cara; grandparents, Philip and Cheryl Kennedy of Eustis, Fla., John and the late Dorothy Cummings of Bar Harbor.

Tyanna Hazel Rose Edwards, a girl to Jessica Ramsey and Chris Edwards of Lewiston, Sept. 26. Sibling, Christopher; grandparents, Tammy Sanborn of Bridgton, the late Owen Ramsey Jr.; great-grandparents, Rose Ramsey of Poland, Owen Ramsey Sr. of Poland, Norwood and Joyce Sanborn of Baldwin, Peggy Berry of Buxton; great-great-grandparents, Esther Tibbetts of Westbrook, Beryl Kenney.

Asia Marie Smith, a girl to Edward and April Smith of Sabattus, Sept. 27. Siblings, Ashley, Amanda, Amber; grandparents, Morris and Virgina Blackwell of Turner, Edward Smith of Topsham.

Connor Matthew Lampron, a boy to Matthew and Hiedi Lampron of Lewiston, Sept. 27. Sibling, Olivia; grandparents, Leroy and Mary Ellen Couillard of Sabattus, Tony and Camilla Lampron of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Ernestine Pecoraro of Westbrook, Albert Lampron of Scarborough.

St. Mary’s Hospital

LEWISTON – The following births have been recorded at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Mahrysa Kay York, a girl to Kevin York and Elizabeth Clark of Leeds, Sept. 25. Grandparents, Sue Clark of Leeds, Karland and Patricia York of Leeds.

Bryce Michael Poulin, a boy to Keith Poulin and Samantha Pietraszewski of Turner, Sept. 25. Grandparents, Wendy Pietraszewski of Sidney, Ron and Pat Poulin of Lisbon.

Anna Katherine Sargent, a girl to Dean and Cherie Sargent of Turner, Sept. 27. Siblings, Trevor, Gabrielle, Nicole; grandparents, Rosita Triel of Buckfield, Dale Gagne of Brownville, Ralph Sargent of Sumner, Cheryl Sargent of Turner; great-grandparent, Thelma Gagne of Dresden.

Logan Roger Campbell, a boy to Steven and Joyce Campbell of Auburn, Sept. 27. Grandparents, Roger Campbell of Livermore, Deborah Francis of Canton, Donald and Carmen Mailhot of Lewiston.

Adam Randall Greenwood, a boy to Randall Adam Greenwood and Katie Jean Metivier of Wales, Sept. 27. Grandparents, Marilyn Greenwood of Wales, Susan Metivier of Dover Foxcroft.

Elliott Douglas Waltz, a boy to Dana Waltz and Alexceus Verrill of Lisbon, Sept. 27. Siblings, Dana Jr., Alana, Alexandria; grandparents, Sandra Bishop of Lisbon.

Emily Dawn, a girl to Deborah Reed of Auburn, Sept. 28. Siblings, Darcy, Destiny, Danielle; grandparents, Brad and Judy Barker of Bethel.

Allison Elizabeth Kerwin, a girl to Shawn and Jennifer Kerwin of Monmouth, Sept. 29. Grandparents, Benjamin and Carolyn Pratt of Durham, Gerald and Angela Kerwin of Fairport, N.Y.

Sawyer James Plourde, a boy to Jeffrey and Christine Plourde of Sabattus, Sept. 30. Siblings, Owen, Amanda; grandparents, Ronnie and Connie Pelletier of Lewiston, Maurice and Claire Plourde of Lewiston; great-grandparent, Fernande Chouinard.

Breah Stevens Beaucage, a girl to Craig and Jill Beaucage of Poland, Sept. 30. Grandparents, Mark Stevens of Poland, Becky Stevens of Auburn, Claude and Barbara Beaucage of Buckfield.

Aiden John Walling, a boy to Mark and Jessica Walling of Lewiston, Sept. 30. Grandparents, Richard and Louise Robert of Lewiston, Roy and Carol Walling of Plaistow, N.H.

Stephens Memorial

NORWAY – The following births have been recorded at Stephens Memorial Hospital.

David Timothy Marshall, a boy to Kristy Bell and David “Buddy” Marshall of Oxford, Sept. 22. Grandparents, Jen and Warren Libby of Oxford, Tim and Pattie Bell of Bridgton, Patricia Marshall-Parise, Mark Parise of Oxford, Michele Marshall and the late David Marshall of Sabattus.

Austin Warner Fox, a boy to Troy and Amy Fox of Norway, Sept. 23. Sibling, Alexander; grandparents, Dorothy Millett of Oxford, Janine Roberts of North Waterford, Larry and Bonnie Fox of Lovell; great-grandparents, Maxine Gram of West Paris, Ralph Pettingill of North Waterford.

Cameron William Sherbinski, a boy to Matthew and Jennifer Sherbinski of Norway, Sept. 28. Sibling, Payton; grandparents, William Newcomb and Libby Sciacchitani of Norway, the late Roberta Watson, Thomas and Mary Lou Sherbinski of North Woodstock, N.H.; great-grandparents, Betty and Raymond Sherbinski, Ruth and Dick Watson of Norway, Irene Newcomb of Norway.

Jason James Stubbs, a boy to Andrea Hinkley and John Stubbs of Norway, Sept. 30. Grandparents, April and Jeff Wells of Bryan Pond, Richard Kyllonen of Oxford, James and Sue Stubbs of South Paris.

Out of state

TOPSHAM – Michael Harkins IV, a boy to Brandy Hilliard and Michael Harkins III of Litchfield, Sept. 28. Siblings, Andrew Sund, Alexis Hilliard; grandparents, Yvonne and Mark Falley of Zeandale, Kan., Michael Harkins Jr. of Litchfield, Betty Murray of Missouri; great-grandparents, Mildred Stinson of Monmouth, Dr. Michael and Helen Harkins Sr. of Lewiston.

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