SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Dennis W. and Wilbert and Gary Gallant and Elizabeth Funke to Russell A. Poulin, in Rumford.

Carl E. III and Joanna B. Backman to Darrell C. and Madeline M. Houston, in Otisfield.

Eleanor S. Koskela to David and Andrea Talley, in Woodstock.

James T. Keith to Intervale Land LLC, in Bethel.

Richard T. and Phyllis A. Hunt to Guy M. and Lynda C. Russo, in Waterford.

Timothy A. Baril to Coleen J. Ritchey, in Hebron.

Nathaniel M. Reade and Michaela M. O’Brien to Russell T. and Holly C. Tornrose, in Bethel.

Annie Lou Soda to Joseph K. and Barbara Mackin, in Canton.

Walter C. and Bonnie S. Schwalm to John D. Jr. and Dorothy H. Wait, in Waterford.

Savage Land Development LLC to E. G. Blake and Son Inc., in Bethel.

James R. and Nancy K. Turner to Roland M. and Melinda K. Godbout, in Hebron.

Nelson and Dianne Bowie to Stephen and Fernlyn Philbrick, in Township.

Estate of Jessie G. Haines and Roberta S. Harlow to Sylvia Beatriz Ellingwood, in Paris.

Normand J. Brulotte Jr. to Norman F. Jr. and June M. Jack, in Paris.

Cindy and Stephen Bryce to Town of Oxford, in Oxford.

Antonio R. DeSalle to Lawrence C. Dewar, in Rumford.

Lawrence C. Dewar to Antonio R. DeSalle, in Rumford.

Citibank N.A. and James W. Parker and Exilda Sawtelle to Edwin G. and Nancy A. Michaud, in Norway.

Vickie S. Hatstat to Everett A. McCabe, in Waterford.

Ronald J. Gryglas to Meredith R. and Paul Jr. O’Dell, in Newry.

Vivian C. Culleton to Vivian C. Culleton and John O. Snyder, in Canton.

Craig C. and April L. Shaw to Jenny L. Libby, in Rumford.

Farwell Mountain Estates Inc. to Mark J. and Kimberly M. Kuzmeskas, in Bethel.

Daniel and Daniel W. Oliver to Norman H. Oliver Jr., in Dixfield.

Richard E. Jr. and Brenda M. Chammings to Robert D. and Candace G. Bean, in Otisfield.

Coley D. and April A. Barker to Mark R. and Karla J. Antell, in Albany Township.

Richard C. and Dolores B. Hoch to Martha H. and Kirk G. Siegel, in Albany Township.

Estate of Harold A. Sawayer and Gary M. Sawayer to Gary M. and Arthur R. J. Sawayer, in West Paris.

Jeffrey A. and Debora Oddy to Ronald E. and Ellen K. and Edward S. Prevost, in Norway.

Ronald E. and Ellen K. and Edward S. Prevost to Jeffrey A. and Debora Oddy, in Norway.

Patricia S. and Patricia Thurston to Madeline T. Jagusiak, two in Bethel.

Patricia S. Thurston to John Marotta Construction Corp., in Bethel.

Dennis M. Bedard to Jason P. Richardson, in Hebron.

Estate of Frances D. Alexander and John T. Alexander to Winifred I. Mott, in Paris.

Abbott B. and Miriam W. Ladd and Abbott and Miriam Ladd Living Trust to Clinton G. Bradbury Inc., in Dixfield.

Jason Rafnell to Christine M. Gregor, in Bethel.

Estate of Ethelyn and Ethelyn S. Thurston and Marlin L. Thurston to Marlin L. Thurston, one in Peru, one in Woodstock.

John L. Foley to Richard R. and Norma L. Boulanger, in Rumford.

mark Howard Richardson to Mary Elizabeth Curran, in Rumford.

Janine G. Marston to Rocco Leo II Inc., in Byron.

John D. and Mary Ellen Arsenault to John Anthony Viveiros and Patricia Anne Shannon, in Otisfield.

Theresa M. Gallant and Theresa M. Gallant and Edward J. Gallant Family Trust of 2000 and Edward J. and Theresa M. Gallant Family Trust of $2000 and Theresa M. Gallant to Paulette Puiia and Claudette Moore and Timothy and James Gallant, in Mexico.

Troy Ripley to Becky J. Mason, in Norway.

Benjamin Button to Davis Small Engine Repair LLC, in Oxford.

Richard D. McInnis to Joshua D. Aiken and Elizabeth K. Penney, in Rumford.

Bertron M. Conant to John W. Jr. and Marie M. Thomas, in Mexico.

Margery C. Sudbay to Michael W. and Patricia E. Maxwell, in Canton.

Lynn M. O’Brien and Kevin L. James to Lynn M. O’Brien and Lynn M. O’Brien 2005 Revocable Trust, in Otisfield.

Chuck R. Starbird to Coley D. and April A. Barker, in Hebron.

Oxford Build to Suit LLC to Jeffrey and Jennifer S. Olivier, in Bethel.

Elwood E. and Barbara L. Yeaton to Richard O. and Carol L. Doggett, in West Paris.

David B. Bragg to Moose Hill Properties Inc., in Sumner.

Moosehill Properties Inc. to Michael S. Dowd and Elaine M. Clocher, in Sumner.

David B. Bragg to Michael S. Dowd and Elaine M. Clocher, in Sumner.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Robert S. Bourgoin and Maine Designs, in Oxford.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Peter and Jodelle Card, in Paris.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Shawn Brown, in Paris.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Shawn and Denise Brown, in Paris.

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