On Thurs. Sept. 15, St. Joe’s boys and girls had soccer games in Poland. Some players decided to attend, even though it was pouring. Once they arrived, the referees and the Minot teams were there. With no signs of excessive water on the field, they decided to play the boys’ 4 p.m. game. The St. Joseph’s boys won the match, scoring 5-1.

Then catastrophe! The girls’ game was next, and we realized, we were missing players. Some of the eighth grade girls had called the school, asking if there was a game. The response was no, the game was on. The St. Joes girl’s team ended up playing 9 girls and one boy from the boys’ team, Ian McCracken. He had stayed to watch the game, but then had to play in goal. Unfortunately, Minot won 4-3. The St. Joe’s girls walked away with a loss, but, in their minds, playing short-handed with no breaks or substitutes, that was a victory.

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