St. Dominic Regional High School

Throughout the year in the Academic Advocate will be bringing you movie reviews of popular new releases in the cinemas. This week the movie under review is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” The three questions asked were, what did you like about the movie? What didn’t you like about the movie? Give a rating for the movie 1-5 stars, 5 being the best.

Cole Benak


” thought that the movie was interesting over all and like the way it was done. The movie wasn’t as scary as they said it was going to be.” 4 stars

Martin Harper


” thought the movie had a lot of false advertisement. t was more of a courtroom drama than a scary movie. t did have neat facts about the devil though.” 2 stars

Shannon Timoney

and Alex Pleau


“t’s a good date movie! t was suspenseful and seemed real. We wish it would have been scarier. t wasn’t done very well because it was very choppy from scene to scene.” 3 stars

Katie St. Pierre


” liked it because it was set up differently; it was set up as a trial. thought it was very well done and liked the fact that it wasn’t really scary. thought the story line was very well developed.” 3 stars

Overall Saint’s score- 3 Stars

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