Deer finds hunter in Michigan store

OWOSSO, Mich. (AP) – Some people have to go out deer hunting to bag a buck. Not Scott Lamphere – the animals come to him.

A five-pointer crashed through the front door of his plumbing store Thursday evening.

“We hear this crash in our office, and there’s this deer stumbling around in our back room,” manager Kristina Kelley told the Lansing State Journal.

The animal knocked a few things off some shelves and broke a radio before it ran out a garage door.

Lamphere, who returned home last week from an Alaskan hunting trip, is a trophy hunter whose front office is filled with mounted animals. That might be why the deer came crashing in, he said.

“Maybe he’d seen his friends inside, and he was coming for a visit,” Lamphere said.

White town to vote on name change

WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas (AP) – City leaders are asking voters to consider taking the “White” out of White Settlement.

“When people see the name, the question of race comes to mind. They ask, ‘What is that all about? Why is that name there?”‘ Mayor James Ouzts said.

On Nov. 8, the city of 15,400 will vote on a proposal that would change the name to West Settlement.

The area became known as the White Settlement in the 1840s, when it was surrounded by many American Indian tribes, city officials say. The town, a suburb of Fort Worth, was incorporated in 1941.

Bill Fairley, a history columnist for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, said changing the name ignores the city’s origins.

“It just means that there was a group of whites who were daring enough to come West and settle in the midst of the Indians,” Fairley said.

Pa. beer thief gets ‘Busted’

CORRY, Pa. (AP) – Police say a man charged with stealing beer was busted by the very cans he stole.

Frank Martin, the owner of Alibi Bar, knew someone was stealing beer recently, so he took two six-packs and wrote “BUSTED” on the bottoms of the cans, one letter per can, police said.

Martin suspected it was an inside job because no one appeared to be breaking in.

Then, police called on Ronald Paver, 42, who used to work at the bar, and checked his recycling bin. Sure enough, police said, 10 of the marked cans were inside. They charged Paver on Thursday.

Paver had worked at Martin’s bar until the spring, but never turned in his key after he quit.

Paver didn’t return a call for comment Friday. He faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, theft and receiving stolen property.

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