NEW YORK (AP) – There will be no more dress down days in the NBA.

The league announced in a memo to teams on Monday that a minimum dress code will go into effect at the start of the regular season on Nov. 1.

Players will be expected to wear business casual attire whenever they participate in team or league activities, including arriving at games, leaving games, conducting interviews and making promotional or other appearances.

“If they’re trying to change the image of league, that’s cool,” Suns forward Shawn Marion said.

Some teams already have their own dress code in place.

“It’s important that the players understand they have to respect the game,” McMillian said in August. “They have to respect the league. And they have to respect the fans. You must be a professional at all times.”

Players will now be required to wear a sport coat on the bench when they are not in uniform.

“I think it is appropriate, definitely, on the bench,” Marion said. “I think you should be in a nice shirt and slacks.”

Not all the players feel that the new dress code is in the best image of the league.

“I understand they’re making it out to make us look better to corporate and big business. But we don’t really sell to big business,” Jazz guard Raja Bell said. “We sell to kids and people who are into the NBA hip-hop world. They may be marketing to the wrong people.”

with this.”

Commissioner David Stern is expected to announce the penalty for dress code violations next week.

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