PARIS – Ten new members were initiated by the American Legion Auxiliary 72 of South Paris on Oct. 5 during a special ceremony and gifts of pins.

They are Muriel Brine, Diane Christopher, Caroline Currier, Beatrice Damon, Elizabeth “Betty” Decoteau, Leora Kennison, Lisa Martin, Lacey Oliver, Joyce Reid and Diana Rolf. Initiation officers were Marilyn Ramsay, Lillian Herrick, Jean Lamonte, Virginia Gammon, M. Johnson, Florence McLaughlin and Linda Young.

Members of the unit and Legion who prepared the tannery reunion banquet held at the Foster-Carroll Hall on Oct. 8 were M. Ramsay, Pat Dyer, V. Gammon, Jean and Joe Lamonte, Joe Cooney, L. Herrick, M. Johnson, Bill Herrick and others who brought in homebaked pies.

During the Executive Committee meeting officers voted to donate $25 to the New Life for Girls Center, $15 to the Veterans Home, $25 to the Auxiliary Emergency Fund, $12 to the children’s and youth program and $33 for the rehabilitation program.

The toy party held by the unit on Oct. 3 was well attended and brought in a profit of $469.43.

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