PARIS – The Western Oxford Foothills Cultural Council, nicknamed WOF, will hold a raffle at the Oxford Showcase on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 28 and 29, to raise money to promote the Gallery at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray.

The Gallery had its first season last summer, and it was so encouraging, organizers are ready to do some advertising.

“Everyone who visited was impressed by the quality of the work,” said gallery curator Pat Chandler. “And they really loved visiting the wildlife park,” said Toni Seger, founder of the cultural council that sponsors the gallery. “It’s a unique partnership,” said Seger, “and people have responded very positively to it.”

Raffle items offered at the showcase will be three prints by Persis Weirs, a nationally known wildlife artist. Raffle tickets will be $5.

“We think a $5 ticket that gives you the chance to win a beautiful original print by a revered artist is going to be pretty attractive to people attending the showcase,” said Seger.

The showcase will open as a business-to-business trade show on Oct. 28 followed by a public day on Oct. 29. The WOF cultural council table will also display the work of Steve Catanese of Paris Hill Pewter.

The council recently published a cultural map with walking tours of four national historic districts and a driving tour of 24 towns. Categories include museums, galleries, theaters, antiques, crafts and farms. Seger invites visitors to stop by the WOF table and pick up a map.

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