SOUTH PARIS – The following deeds were recorded recently at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds office.

Heather Morrison Yaden and Robin Morrison Parlee to Myles C. Jr. and Lorraine P. Morrison, in Norway.

Lynn A. McKeen to Lynn A. McKeen and Melissa A. Pruett, in Paris.

Charlene E. Churchill and Charlene and Wayne Braiser to Wayne Braiser, in Otisfield.

Fred B. Crystal to Robert and Merry Beth Rucker, in Norway.

Jason C. Nay to Adam J. and Hope A. Arsenault, in Buckfield.

Mike M. and Susan R. Morin to Royal F. Jr. and Linda E. Earle, in Paris.

Robert A. and Peter D. Holman and Geraldine H. Vitala to Robert C. Chapdelaine, in Dixfield.

Community Concepts Inc. to Suzy J. Huard, in Hebron.

Community Concepts Inc. to Jennifer Boucher, in Hebron.

Community Concepts Inc. to Theresa M. Manchester and Michael R. Violette, in Hebron.

Jill E. and Philip R. Gagnon to James P. and Susane L. Driscoll, in Hartford.

Randall Clifton Stevens and Theresa Marie Stevens to Jonathan S. and Suzanna Marie Gallant, in Norway.

Dorothy Clark and Dorothy Pratt Clark and Dorothy Pratt to S. Mason Pratt Jr., in Oxford.

June C. Whetzel and Ronald L. Whetzel and Lynn Cummings Pike and Thomas Pike to Roger N. and Gayle M. Smedberg, in Oxford.

Judith Henry to James R. Jr. and Heidi L. Buol, in Bethel.

Land Sail Inc. to D and S Realty LLC, in Bethel.

Christina F. Kimball to Bonita M. Sessions and Brian J. Strickland, in Bethel.

Mony Keth and Mony Hang to Kevin J. Coakley and Pamela M. Senese, in Newry.

Thomas R. Nolette and Harold B. McShane Jr. to William F. and Karen E. Flaherty, in Greenwood.

Bruce C. and Catherine B. and Catherine E. McCloy to Thomas A. Awod and Michelle A. Conroy and Debra J. Beauregard, in Bethel.

Bradford G. Warren to David B. Vail, in Bethel.

Rodney E. Burnham to Matthew D. and Lynne J. Warren, in Woodstock.

Bean Mountain LLC to Donald J. and Diane M. Studley, in Hanover and Newry.

Theresa M. Gagnon to Mandy J. Moore, in Otisfield.

Lloyd M. and R. Bradford and Richard B. Jordan to Lloyd M. and Richard B. Jordan and Jordan Property Development Trust, in Bethel.

Ryan and Trisha Malloy to Tarnya and Jason Constantino, in Sumner.

Nyoka D. Nixon and Nyoka D. Bishop to Cynthia Mowatt, in Buckfield.

Keith G. Willoughby and Pearl Starbird Charitable Trust to William T. Eaton II, in Waterford.

Pearl Starbird to Keith G. Willoughby and Pearl Starbird Charitable Trust, in Waterford.

Lloyd L. Poland to Burt Bertram, in Rumford.

Karen A. Wagner to David K. and K. Brier Savory, in Rumford.

Leland R. Brown to Patricia Thurston, in Bethel.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Debra Ann Weaver and Debra Ann Weaver Trust, in Newry.

Gary W. and Lorna L. Howard to Gary and Helena Baril, in Byron.

John A. Capponi Sr. to Andrew M. Cullens, in Mexico.

Brian T. and Helen W. and Helen Walker Nolan to Patrick A. Ryan, in Rumford.

John D. Ireton Hewitt to Kenneth E. Poland, in West Paris.

John Roza Construction Inc. to Harris Towers LLC, in Rumford.

Virginia L. Smith to Michel Bernier, in Buckfield.

Brian K. Collins to Amanda Wass and Joshua Ocharsky, in Canton.

Brent C. and Shelley M. Douglass to Michael Wilson and Carolyn J. Graney, in Bethel.

Bradley T. Saunders to Caleb and Audrey LaFrance, in Hebron.

Wendie J. Clements to Jonathan B. and Heather M. Fickett, in Paris.

Raymond R. Lussier Jr. to Erica H. Jed, in Norway.

Raymond and Carrie Packard to Wayne F. Sanford Jr., in Mexico.

Elizabeth B. Dews and Estate of Duveen B. Dews to Benjamin and Shelly Dews Chigier, in Otisfield.

Vivian R. Hoy to Leonard J. and Douglas Hoy, in Greenwood.

James I. Peterson to Glen M. McDonnell, in Peru.

Pemi Valley Development Corp. to Robin Bagchi and Sarah P. Norris, in Newry.

John A. Kimball to Danielle Davis and Bonita M. Sessions, in Albany Township.

Community Concepts Inc. to Lee A. Darling, in Buckfield.

Scott I. Terkelsen to Dwight L. and Gloria P. Davis, in Andover.

Gerald Scott Smith and Jennifer Seaver Smith to Michael F. and Annie M. Moreau, in Bethel.

Cynthia B. and David D. Maxsimic to Bernard E. and Barbara J. Wall, in Otisfield.

Ronna M. LaBranche to Mark V. LaBranche, in Oxford.

Mark V. LaBranche to Lynn M. and James M. Hamper, in Oxford.

Manley Dakin to Brian Williams, in Hartford.

Ronald G. and Brenda J. Beaudoin to Daniel A. and Lisa Levesque, in Buckfield.

Robert A. and Peter D. Holman and Geraldine H. Viitala to Michael Morin and Deborah Perkins, in Dixfield.

Doris S. and David B. Witham to Douglas E. and Gerri B. Rugg, in Oxford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to William J. Shea and Susan McConologue Shea, in Newry.

Dwight L. and Patricia N. and Patricia Ann Sanborn to Patricia N. Sanborn, in Norway.

Elton H. and Janice A. Record to Diana L. Record, in Buckfield.

Richard N. and Mary L. Onofrio to Sherry and Jeffrey Grant, in Norway.

Charlene A. O’Brien to Patricia A. and Donald F. Rose, in Newry.

Western Maine Custom Builders to Nancy Joyce Bellin and Leslie Jean and Timothy Paul and Sandra Sattler, in Woodstock.

Michael T. and Debra L. Boyd to Geary D. and Deborah A. LaPerle, in Peru.

Roland O. and Beverly J. and Beverly Bennett to Thomas and Jessica Damon, in Buckfield.

Troy Ripley to Benjamin K. Labonte, in Paris.

David L. and Carolyn Yates to Brian Daigle, in West Paris.

Vivian B. Hall to Lynn Allen McKeen, in Paris.

Vivian B. Hall to Mildred Labay, in Paris.

Paul G. and Dorothy E. Geyer to Stephen and Marilyn Geyer, in Paris.

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