On Thurs., Sept. 15, the St. Joseph’s soccer teams were scheduled to play Minot at Poland Regional High School and the Bruce M. Whittier Middle School soccer fields.

It had been raining all throughout the day. It had not really cleared out until 12:30 or 1:00 p.m. Once the real downpour ended, it was drizzling on and off for the rest of the day. There was no word of cancellation to the players, and everyone assumed that they were playing the games. A few concerned mothers of the girl’s team called the school to see if the game was on. They were told that Minot did not believe it would be a good idea because of the possibility of slippery grass and puddles on the playing field. The game could be dangerous. The mothers were told that the game was off. Something was misinterpreted during the communication between the people from Minot and St. Joseph’s School.

All of the boys played in their game. They won 5-1. When it came time to play the girls’ game, only one sixth grader, seven seventh graders, and one eighth grader had come to play. St. Joe’s did not have a coach or the majority of the older players at the game. The girls decided to go on and play the game without them. The goalie would be a sixth grade boy. Two seventh graders on a boy’s team filled in for the coaches along with a parent on the sidelines. With ten players and three unofficial coaches, the game started.

St. Joe’s got off to a strong start with the first two goals. Minot overrode them and scored two goals. That was the end of the first half. The players were tired, they had no subs or breaks, and they all had to play another half. Then Minot scored one more goal, but we scored another. Minot came back and scored one more goal making the score 4-3, in Minots favor. St. Joe’s knew they did not have much energy left, but they were going to try their best to tie up the game. They were aware that they had to play good defense.

Minot ended up winning the game; the score 4-3. The parents, teachers, and other spectators were extremely proud of the girls, and everyone knew they would get Minot next time.

There was talk among the players and coaches. We were saying the game might not have to count against the record because it is not legal for them to tell us that the game is canceled, and then show up at the field. Do you think the game should be counted?

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