PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Richard L. and Eileen G. Morse to Salvatore and Lynn M. Girifalco, in Norway.

Pamela Packard (Cons) and estate of Theresa M. Beaudet and estate of Theresa L. Beaudet to Jill Y. Hodgson, in Rumford.

Elmer J. and Eda M. Waterhouse to Kyle J. and Carrie A. Hopps, in Woodstock.

David A. Head to Michael and Caro Poirier, in Gilead.

David A. Head to Shawn and Erika Mulley, in Gilead.

SRM Properties LLC to Douglas Ryan and Douglas Martin, in Waterford.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to James and Donita St. John, in Paris.

Thomas A. Kennison to R and D Land Sales Inc., in Oxford.

Mary E. Cullinan to Farm View Vistas LLC, in Paris.

Donald J. Mason Jr. to Philip P. and Alycia M. Foley, in Woodstock.

James C. Capolupo to Steven M. Cole, in Canton.

Louise M. Mangarelli to Matthew and Michael Mangarelli, in Rumford.

Edna M. and Daniel J. Morris to Richard T. McGinty, in Hartford.

Emerald H. Sawyer to Sally S. Sawyer, in Albany Township.

Homer C. Jr. and Homer Jr. and Edith T. Smith to Michael N. and Dawn I. Lee, in Bethel.

Joel H. and Kathleen B. Hodsdon to Sally L. Stevens and David W. Leigh, in Bethel.

Keith Upton to Town of Norway, in Norway.

Gibson Grove Inc. and A Perfect Christmas Tree Com Inc., to Town of Norway, in Norway

Federal National Mortgage Association to Tracye E. How, in Rumford.

Joseph and Kelly A. and Joseph N. Bordeau to Ericka Duval, in Mexico.

Consuelo Freeland Mander to George L. Freeland, in Hartford.

George L. Freeland and Christina Freeland Rovira and Christina Rovira Freeland to Patrick S. and Sandra L. Arthur, in Hartford.

Joseph E. R. and Kristina Martineau to Kathleen E. Clough and Gayle A. Sirois, in Rumford.

Lawrence R. and Mary E. and Laurence R. Moulton to John A. and Julie L. Ywoskus and John A. Ywoskus Revocable Trust and Julie L. Ywoskus Revocable Trust, in Otisfield.

Albert J. and Rita Bradley to Dale H. and Lori A. Roberts, in Rumford.

Jason A. Adolphson and Anthony P. and Anthony Patrick Salsberry to Daniel C. Kiley, in Rumford.

Dorothy M. White to Todd A. Wardwell, in Mexico.

Richard N. and Mary L. Onofrio to Michael and Celeste Onofrio, in Norway.

Hamilton N. and Lorraine E. Shepley to Denise E. Defrancesco, in Bethel.

Estate of Barbara Burpee and Richard L. Burpee to Richard L. Burpee and Nancy Cutter and Robert W. Burpee, in Oxford.

Donald J. and Elizabeth G. Nash to Christopher and Samantha Noyes, in Dixfield.

Eric C. and Raquel E. Schmersal and Raquel E. Welch to Eric C. and Amy M. Schmersal, in Rumford.

Nellie L. Kilgore to Raymond E. Sr. and Phebe Alice Leavitt, in Norway.

Lawrence D. Sutton to Nghia Thanh Thi Ha and David H. Gawtry, in Mexico.

George W. and Pauline F. Welch to Daniel M. and Debra L. Mitchell, in Dixfield.

Roxana P. Reed and estate of Georgia Ida Robertson to Peter Owen, in Buckfield.

Janet L. Stone to Western Maine Custom Builders, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to David P. and Maura A. Spellman, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Wendy E. Fitzsimons, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Robert J. and Angela N. Dion, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Ryan C. and Candi Dent Delaware, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Richard J. and Nancy P. Tarr, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Donald F. Jr. and Michelle Jarvie, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Richard K. and Mary Ann Emmert, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Timothy J. and Kathy A. Maloy, in Bethel.

Cornelius P. McMullan and Michelle T. Knight to Simon and Nina Dawe, in Bethel.

Sandra Ann Fitzgerald to Edward J. Richard, in Hartford.

Mary E. Cullinan to Cynthia L. House, in Oxford.

Steven E. and Rebecca Elsman to Mark A. Theriault Sr., in Buckfield.

Homestead Homes Inc. to Michael S. Iwans, in Otisfield.

Michael S. Iwans to Northeast Bank FSB, in Otisfield.

Scot R. Howe to John A. Jr. and Sherry J. Colarusso, in Albany Township.

Estate of Agnes L. Howe and Beth Brainerd and Annie H. Gardner to Kelly and Scott T. Wels, in Waterford.

Edwin M. and Lillian M. Gardner and Annie H. Gardner to Kelly and Scott T. Wels, in Waterford.

Philip R. and Jill R. and Phillip R. Andrews to Scott Terkelsen, in Bethel.

Kenneth C. and Gail I. Butterfield to Herve and Arlene S. Billon, in Paris.

Town of Greenwood to Eleanor and Fredrick and Patricia and Patricia Robson Bayless, in Greenwood.

Town of Greenwood to Albert Roberts, in Greenwood.

Dennis J. LaJoie to Dennis J. and Vickie LaJoie, in Hebron.

Edward W. and Delilia Walters to Alvin N. and Frances S. Mears, in Andover.

Leroy C. Jr. and Paul S. Bennett and Bennett Realty Trust to Leroy C. Sr. and Sharon R. and Leroy C. Bennett Jr., in Albany Township.

Hersey Family Limited Partnership to Paul K. and Marcia W. Hersey, in Waterford.

Mary E. Wheeler to Mary E. Wheeler, in Bethel.

Michael G. and Martina C. DeBlois to Shelley Birney, in Woodstock.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. and Mountain Valley Land Company LLC to Edward J. and Karen Nadina Foley, in Bethel.

Sunset Hill LLC to Hamilton N. and Lorraine E. Shepley, in Bethel.

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