PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Three M. Builders Inc. to David A. and Jacqueline S. Forman, in Bethel.

Thomas I. Hennessey to Jason R. Powers, in Oxford.

Guy Hart Enterprises Inc. to Michael A. Cole, in Oxford.

Cynthia G. Hamlin to Justin D. Hagar, in Waterford.

James C. McCarthy and Elizabeth J. McCarthy to Jessica Richardson and Kenneth Card, in Paris.

Adrienne A. Cote to Kerstin B. Gill, in Waterford.

Hazel D. Dill to Elisa A. Knapp, in Dixfield.

Howard Blackman and James and James J. Costello to James J. and Chrisel S. Costello, in Byron.

Brian S. Chase to Donna M. Gifford, in Andover.

Jerold R. and Gina C. Vaughn to Bruce and Joanne Bean, in Magalloway Plantation.

Jay R. McLaughlin to McLaughlins Timber Trucking Inc., in Rumford.

Jay R. McLaughlin to Gateway Inn, in Rumford.

Donna Lapaglia and estate of Howard J. Lapaglia to Donna Lapaglia, in Mexico.

Arthur H. and Anahid A. Bassett to Field Land Corporation, in Norway.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Winter Homes LLC, in Newry.

Winter Homes LLC to Daniel J. McCarthy and James R. Seely, (2) in Newry.

Jack L. and Barbara L. Brooks to Ronald E. Smith and John D. Digiamberardino, in Albany Township.

Kevin and Kevin R. Moran and K. L. Realty Trust to Marc Rainey, in West Paris.

Lucien G. Roberge to Lucien G. and Tina M. Roberge, in Bethel.

Candace Howard to Peter J. Howard Jr., in Albany Township.

James E. and Carolyn Freach and Carolyn L. Adams to Carolyn L. Adams and Carolyn Freach, in Bethel.

Jason M. Bobrowski to Community Concepts Inc., in Norway.

Robert C. Springer Jr. to Edward A. II and Cathlean M. Millett, in Waterford.

William G. Troy to Lyle and Joyce Mercado, in Otisfield.

Michael C. Bryant to Albert J. and Rita R. Bradley, in Rumford.

United States of America HUD to Doreen Madden and Jim Skogland, in Rumford.

Bear Pond Properties LLC and Sunny Days Corporation to JJEDJ LLC, in Waterford.

Bear Pond Properties LLC and Sunny Days Corporation to Sealife Adventures II LLC, in Waterford.

Kenneth Peter Jr. and Teresa Lynn Kozak to Kenneth Peter Kozak III, in Paris.

Edison C. Sr. and Rosemary R. Henderson to Edison C. Jr. and Deidra L. Henderson, in Hartford.

Raymond A. and Marjorie L. Coleman to Julia Cameron and Robert Benson, in Oxford.

Savage Land Development LLC to Jeffrey W. and Alice M. Lynch, in Bethel.

Alexander and Alla Bas to David M. and Karen Devine, in Newry.

Lloyd L. Poland to Roger R. and Joan H. and Robert J. and Denise Lemieux, in Rumford.

Ria L. Dunn to Christopher R. and Erin LeFebvre, in Oxford.

Roland M. and Heidi J. Arsenault to Roland M. and Heidi J. Arsenault, in Mexico.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. and Mountain Valley Land Co. LLC to Brian and Cynthia J. Kelly, in Bethel.

W. and S. Wood Products Inc. to Jared A. and Beth Anne W. Damon, in Otisfield.

Allen G. and Lisa M. Noyes to Michael G. and Jane W. Mickeriz, in Hartford.

Florence Y. Buck to Llewellyn E. Buck, in Milton Plantation.

Donna Lapaglia and Estate of Howard J. Lapaglia to Donna Lapaglia, in Mexico.

Dennis Martin to Christopher J. and Heather M. Delamater, in Oxford.

Cynthia A. Turner to Robert and Jeannine Kramer, in Paris.

Roberts Living Trust and Deane W. and Patricia A. Roberts to Kenneth J. Wyman and Jeanne A. Thorvaldsen and Ryan T. and Crissa M. Consie, in Lincoln Plantation.

Barbara Belanger and William E. Murphy to Johannah Richardson, in Dixfield.

Janice E. Rideout and estate of David E. Rideout to Janice E. Rideout and David E. Rideout Revocable Trust, in Paris.

Janice E. Rideout and David E. Rideout Revocable Trust to Janice E. Rideout, in Paris.

Robert and Martha Holden and estate of Kathleen P. Grover to T.R.S. Timber Maintenance Inc., in Waterford.

Domenic Jr. and Maryanne Guglielmi and Maryanne Gray to Brett and Renee Schools, in Otisfield.

Lloyd L. Poland to Terence P. and Marianne Tully, in Rumford.

Maurizio Tiella to Sandra M. White, in Greenwood.

Rene D. and Rene J. Richard and Crystal Lynn Marston and Gary Lee Richard to Alexander Prusak, in Mexico.

Stuart Henderson to Joan and Charlie Roberts, in Hartford.

Shirley B. and Marilyn D. Gilbert to Robert C. Gilbert and Lee Ann G. Kennie and Linda J. Blake and Reginald C. Gilbert, in Bethel.

Jessica A. Campbell and Jessica Ann Farrar to Jessica A. and Jonathan A. Campbell, in West Paris.

Gerald Condon and Enola Nelson to Cheryl R. Foster and John T. Bourpos, in Woodstock.

John H. Sullivan and Mountain Realty LLC to Mountain Realty LLC, in Rumford.

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