SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Robert A. and Anne M. Young to Joseph R. LeBlanc and Erin L. Reed, in Dixfield.

Savage Land Development LLC to Gary H. and Kathy L. Williamson, in Bethel.

Ronald W. Savage to Rick A. and Sarah J. Savage, in Bethel.

Margarida Foster Haskell and Margarida Foster to Margarida Foster and Margarida Foster Haskell and William C. Haskell, in Oxford.

Community Concepts Inc. to John C. and Brenda I. Birckholtz, in Paris.

Gary J. and Suzanne H. Pritchett and Suzanne Hutchinson to Gary J. Pritchett, in Newry.

Marshall L. Sinclair to David J. Sinclair, in Woodstock.

Paul Crowley to Arthur J. Gilrain, in Waterford.

Bruce W. Thibeault to town of Peru, in Peru.

Henry Letalien to Paul A. and Roger Letalien, in Otisfield.

Leslie L. Jr. and Marguerite M. Fuller to Lynn and William M. Young, in Mexico.

Tarnya and Jason Constantino to Ryan and Trisha Malloy, in Sumner.

Ryan and Trisha Malloy to Tarnya and Jason Constantino, in Sumner.

Lawrence W. Powers and Christine J. McLaughlin to Daniel J. and Nancy S. Kenneally, in Newry.

Richard C. Valentine to Dennis R. and Elizabeth F. Doyon, in Greenwood.

Jeffrey W. Lynch and Alice M. Lynch (by atty) to Barbara A. Berger.

J. Eentiahs LLC to Timothy M. and Kristen N. O’Connor, in Andover.

Rodney H. Westleigh to Rodney H. and Lisa K. Westleigh, in Greenwood.

Randall E. and Laura A. Swift to Robert W. and Elizabeth A. Swift, in Hebron.

Robert W. and Elizabeth A. Swift to Randall E. and Laura A. Swift, in Hebron.

Louise B. Nash to John P. Cichanowicz, in Rumford.

Todd R. Therrien to James B. and Cynthia G. Dyment, in Canton.

Catherine P. Hayden to Erin Baxter, in Peru.

Fred L. Wheeler to Ian R. and Laura H. Gilpatric, in Rumford.

Gino McCarthy Tiella and Mary McCarthy Tiella to David Jackman, in Greenwood.

Toby J. Duguay to Brandon M. and Erica L. Robin, in Rumford.

David L. and Deborah A. Matin and Deborah A. Dawson to Toby J. and Josette M. Duguay, in Mexico.

Elizabeth A. Wyman to Norman L. Tweedie, in Norway.

Harlan R. and Kathy L. Bean to Brandon C. Hill, in Paris.

Veronica L. LeBlanc to Donald E. Partridge IV, in Hartford.

Kevin and April Ruane to Kevin Ruane, in Newry.

Eric K. and Denise V. Adams to Naren Dhamodharan and Maureen E. Quinn Dhamodharan, in Norway.

Erika Duval to town of Canton, in Canton.

James and Cynthia Dyment to town of Canton, in Canton.

David J. and Karen L. Taylor to town of Canton, in Canton.

Robert L. Thompson to Jimmie Thompson, in Roxury.

Cottage Street Storage LLC to Scott R. Sessions, in Norway.

Kevin J. Gallant to Kevin J. and Heather L. Gallant, in Mexico.

Cory P. Freeman and Jennie Mae Nisbet to Allen E. Chartier and Heidi C. Dawson, in Mexico.

Robert E. and Jean M. Emery and Sandra Jean Chick to Sandra Jean Chick and Robert E. and Jean M. Emery, in Oxford.

Steven R. Kimball to Richard Piper, in Buckfield

Jane Louise and Donald G. Sr. and Donald Dakin to Louise M. Jonaitis, in Rumford.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Sally Tibbetts (by atty) and Dale R. and Barbara L. Verrill to R and D Land Sales Inc., in Bethel.

Jocelyn J. Walter (tr) and Mark M. Walter Jr. Declaration of Trust and Jocelyn J. Walter Declaration of Trust to Mark M. Walter III, in Lincoln Plantation.

Anne P. and Phyllis A. and Maria A. Taferner to Charles L. and Sandra J. Sol, in Waterford.

Roger E. Gay to Roger E. and Anne Gay, in Oxford.

Holly K. Bolduc (pr) and Estate of Thomas S. Bolduc to Randy L. Carlson and Neil P. Gibbons, in Paris.

James R. and Belinda E. Hagar to Scott and Diana Landry, in Oxford.

James R. and Belinda E. Hagar to Leon and Ingrid Twitchell, in Woodstock.

Mary A. Emmons to James R. and Belinda E. Hagar, in Woodstock.

Audrey J. Morrison to Donna M. and Robert J. DeSalvo, in Otisfield.

William Troy Jr. to Robert M. and Virginia M. Drew, in Otisfield.

Kathleen E. Clough and Gayle A. Sirois to Timothy L. and Jean K. Cormier, in Rumford.

Glen W. and Jacqueline M. Young to Fortin Home Construction Inc. in Paris.

Susan A. Dutcher and Susan A. Chapman to Susan A. and Scott D. Dutcher, in Gilead.

Marcia A. and David Alan and Sandra Lynn and Dale Paul and Kathy Sue Barley to Donald W. and Patricia A. Hopkins, in Roxbury.

Rumford United Methodist Church and Albert G. and Martha Hanington (both tr) and Jean Olsen (tr) and Nellie Burgess (tr) and William Hersey (tr) and Carolina Kennard (tr) and Jeffrey Williams (tr) to Edward and Lynn Palmer, in Rumford.

Elmore M. Jr. and Dorothy B. Vaughn to Joseph E. Martineau, in Dixfield.

Laurie A. Florentine and Laurie A. Abbott to Richard B. and Janet W. Scott (both tr) and Scott Living Trust, in West Paris.

Richard L. and Eileen G. Morse to Thomas C. and Sandra K. Webster, in Norway.

Mark and Maureen Casey Wickersham to Paul F. Jr. and Linda L. Linehan, in Woodstock.

Kevin W. and Janice L. McCarthy to Jeffrey A. and Susan B. Lessard, in Upton.

Roger Simard to Adam C. and Stephanie A. Gammon, in Byron.

Ronald J. Theriault to James A. and Sylvia A. Wendt, in Roxbury.

Kenneth C. and Caroline Lawler to Richard L. Sr. and Vickie C. Bonny, in Roxbury.

Joshua M. Perry to Ronald Fitts, in Paris.

Keith D. Upton to Donald M. and Ruth I. Upton, in Norway.

Mark J. Passion and Kathleen A. McNeil to Mark J. Passion, in Buckfield.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Stephanie L. and Stephanie and Mark S. and Mark Palmer to Federal National Mortgage Association, in Mexico.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A. (by atty) and Gary E. Crane Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A. (tr), in Woodstock.

Thomas K. and Janice E. Clark to Randall S. Kimball and Christine M. Ox, in Otisfield.

Charles W. and Pauline M. Fares to Michael S. and Lisa M. Robichaud, in Oxford.

Estate of Roy Arthur McKay and Michael Roy Lessened (cons) to Starbird and Truman LLC, in Norway.

Mark D. Floor to Dale L. Eichorn (tr) and Dale L. Eichorn Revocable Trust, in Buckfield.

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