In Litchfield, there is a new principal in town. Her name is Aurelie Bush and she is ready to make a new start at our school. She was the assistant principal at Lisbon from June 04 to April 05. She has always wanted to become a principal and the job was open, so she took it. She enjoys meeting all of the teachers and kids that come to the school every day. She used to work in Special Education to help kids who needed it.

Some sports that she played were volleyball, softball, and the swim team. She played clarinet for one year and was in chorus. She also taught in Connecticut. She has had a dog named Shelly for seven years. She thinks that a lot of learning is important, but she still wants it to be fun. Right now she doesn’t see any bad things in the school, everyone is very nice towards her and treats her with respect. The teachers are also very nice. So to say the least, everything is A-okay in Carrie Ricker Middle School in the eyes of our new principal, Mrs. Bush.

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