It was around 5:30 in the morning with a nice steady breeze blowing in my face. I was on my run going at a steady beat and all of a sudden I stopped and the breeze was gone. Then I realized my older brother had pulled the plug from the wall and plugged the television back in and started watching the news. He had ruined my nice dream run for the news. Couldn’t he have at least waited and used the other plug? That made me a little angry but I’m young, I adjust. At least that’s what my mom says.

It was Saturday and I had some time to kill and so did my brother so we popped the hood on his old truck and got cracking on the radiator. We had to take out the old and replace it with a new one. This didn’t go well. We took off two lines and pluged them with rags. We just couldn’t seem to get the two off. So soon we had two of our friends that knew about vehicles helping us get them off. We had those off in an hour but we broke one so we had to buy a new one but that wasn’t a problem. My brother and I had a great time working on his truck. It was like a brother bond day and we had a great time.

We finally finished with the radiator in the old 88 Chevy Cheyenne. That day was a day that my brother and I had a great time. I really had a great time tinkering with his truck and hanging out with him and our friends doing the best we could to fix the radiator in his truck. I like to hang out with my brother a lot and fix things that need fixing. This was just another fun thing my brother and I did.

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