LEWISTON – The following building permits were issued in August and September.

Al Ouellette, 20 Nimitz St., removal of a 16-by-32-foot in-ground pool and demolition of a 96-square-foot shed.

Ricky and Lorie Bowen, 2 Buttonwood Lane, installation of a 2,628-square-foot, Colonial-style, modular home, $280,000.

Maine Source Homes LLC, 20 Judith St., construction of a 23-by-44-foot, 1,047-square-foot, ranch-style modular home, $100,000.

John DanFirth, 3 Diamond Court, construction of a 22-by-29-foot single-family dwelling, $126,500.

Palmer Development, 55 Jean St., construction of a 1,144-square-foot ranch, $191,922.

Roland Bisson, 117 Cotton Road, construction of a 2,586-square-foot single-family dwelling with a 28-by-26-foot garage with 720 square foot deck, $325,000.

Thomas Laflamme, 48 Old Webster Road, construction of a 26-by-56 foot single-family ranch, $180,000.

Tom Harris, 105 Gagne St., construction of a 26-by-32-foot cape style single-family dwelling, $125,000.

Maine Source Homes LLC, 1 Karen St., construction of a 2,750-square-foot modular duplex colonial with a 24-by-24-foot garage and a 12-by-22-foot garage, $160,000.

Lou Robitaille, 2 Mount Hope Ave., Lot 9, replacement and installation of a 2005 Titan 13.6-by-66-foot, 897-square-foot, mobile home, $40,000.

Mary Cronin, 43 Chadbourne Road, installation of a 16-by-80-foot mobile home on existing pad, $43,000.

Country Side Management, 17 Oxbow Drive, installation of a 14-by-64-foot 1997 Liberty, $15,000.

Gendron and Gendron, 9 Gendron Drive, construction of a 100,000-square-foot foundation, $1,440.

Lessard Roofing and Siding, 116 Crowley Road, construction of a 32-by-100-foot office/warehouse, $200,000.

Roger Caron, 5 Perley St., construction of a 8-by-10-foot prefab sheet, $1,000.

Palmer Development Corp., 59 Jean St., construction of a 10-by-12-foot wood shed, $1,500.

Kim Robash, 287 Webber Ave., construction of a 10-by-10-foot shed, $500.

NCA Government Leasing, Inc., 210 Grove St., installation of a 8-by-12-foot shed, $1,600.

Gail Rodrigue, 192 Rosedale St., construction of a 8-by-10-foot wood shed, $2,300.

Roger Thomas, 1048 Sabattus St., Lot 13, construction of a 12-by-12-foot shed, replacing existing shed, $1,000.

Palmer Development Corp., 61 Jean St., construction of a 140-square-foot wood shed, $1,000.

Stacy Nadeau, 30 Mason Ave., construction of an 8-by-10-foot shed, $400.

Renee Bernier, 266 Ferry Road, construction of a 12-by-12-foot wood shed, $500.

Government Leasing, Inc., 315 Webber Ave., construction of a 10-by-16-foot detached storage shed, $1,600.

Landscape World, 1904 Lisbon St., construction of a new 28-by-60-foot, 1,680-square-foot canopy building, $4,400.

Harvey Moses J. Sr., 125 Pond Road, installation of a 48-inch deep, 24-foot diameter, above ground swimming pool, $5,000.

Raymond J. Deblois, 226 Montello St., installation of a 15-by-30 above-ground pool.

Normand Martin, 12 Sandy St., installation of an above-ground 21-foot diameter pool, $5,000.

Celine Gagnon, 19 Columbia St., installation of a 6-by-24-foot above-ground pool, $6,500.

Clayton Larochelle, 20 Cherrywood Drive, installation of an in-ground pool with a 4-by-115-foot vinyl picket fence, $22,700.

Palmer Development Corp., 67 Jean St., installation of a 15-by-52-foot above-ground pool with an 8-by-58-foot wood fence, $2,600.

Paul Ouellette, 86 Scribner Blvd., installation of a 18-by-52-foot above-ground pool, $4,100.

Alice Gagne, 5 Jeffrey St., construction of an 12-by-16-foot, 192-square-foot, wood-framed deck, $4,000.

Craig Robichaud, 7 Woodville Road, construction of a 26-by-16-foot deck, $2,500.

Steve Dubois, 91 Heather Drive, construction of an 8-by-8-foot deck with roof, $2,000.

Palmer Development Corp., 51 Jean St., construction of a 16-by-16-foot attached pressure treated deck with vinyl rails.

Harvey J. Moses Sr., 125 Pond Road, construction of a 14-by-16-foot deck with a 4-by-6-foot step-up platform, $2,300.

Michael Houlihan, 361 Webber Ave., construction of a 25-foot long, 25-foot wide driveway, $1,200.

Christine Beaucage, 1090 Sabattus St., attached driveway with new curb cut and parking spaces.

Leo Baillargeon, 29 Pearl St., installation of a 90-square-foot, metal shed, interior renovations, remove/replace back steps, and extension of driveway 12 feet to left, 10-foot past garage, $3,750.

Joe Clark, 71 Deer Road, alterations/renovations which include placing a new frost wall, $2,000.

Therese Chamaillard, 366 Pleasant St., replacement of existing cement steps with wood steps, $700.

Alda Jalbert, 10 Jeffrey St., construction of a 12-by-36-foot, and 12-by-16-foot addition, $70,000.

Nick Zielinski, 8 Riverview Ave., construction of a 24-foot dormer, vertical expansion, $6,000.

Jeffery Merrill, 423 Cotton Road, construction of a 14-by-66-foot new foundation and an 8-by-17-foot addition, $20,000.

Paul Castonguay, 6 Sherbrooke Ave., construction of a roof to outside of deck, $3,000.

Michael Pomerleau, 149 Pine St., removal of plaster, removing walls to create larger room, $2,000.

Labrecque Properties, 287 Bates St., construction of a 50-by-10-foot retaining wall, $49,680.

Marie L’Italien, 16 Quimby St., repair foundation on left side of house, $1,000.

Real Gallant, 71 Cassell St., construction of an 8-by-12-foot enclosed sunroom, $6,000.

Simonne Brissette, 7 Loon Drive, repair of a 8-by-12 porch and replacing three windows.

Greg Roy, 2 Ralph Ave., replace two windows, change front entry door, size for size, Sheet rock one room, construct shower closure, $1,000.

Keith Tardif, 42 Payne St., construction of a 10-by-17-foot mud room, $5,000.

Richard Steward, 95 Fairmount St., construction of a 5-by-12-foot porch with stairs/landing, $200.

Roger Laroche, 52 Maple St., construction of new two level porch, $10,000.

Kelly Rodrigue, 167 Pettingill St., construction of a 12-by-24-foot cement patio, renovating carport area and kitchen area, $20,000.

Gabriel Giguere, 39 White St., construction of a roof from house to garage, $600.

Mark Whiting (M & W Builders), 37 Pearl St., construction of a 18-by-2-foot retaining wall and three 3-by-7-foot retaining walls, $1,500.

John Patrie, 30 Brown St., construction of a 7-by-8-foot bathroom, $7,000.

Lorraine Fontaine, 895 Lisbon St., construction of all new interior, repair and paint exterior, new windows and front door, install Quiznos Restaurant, one story, $100,000.

Franco-American Heritage Center, 46 Cedar St., construction of a ramped seating area with new toilet facilities underneath, $184,457.28.

Government Leasing Inc., 40 East Avenue, interior renovations, constructing 220-square-foot wall, $10,000.

Brian Kirouac, 413 Main St., interior/exterior renovations, $3,000.

Roux Agency Inc, 9 Acadia Ave., removal of overhead doors and refinishing interior for barbershop, $5,000.

160 Lisbon St. Associates LLC, 152 Lisbon St., renovation of first floor production area, $20,000.

Richardson Hollow Assoc., 646 Main St., renovation of a 23-by-23-foot attached garage into office space and small ADA bathroom, $14,500.

Richard Belaire, 1220 Lisbon St., constructing a break room opening up office space, interior renovation.

Laurie Minigell, 254 Randall Road, construction of a 14-by-16-foot breezeway, two-car, two-story garage, 26 by 26 feet, $40,000.

Jane Belanger, 150 Grove St., removal of portable garage, with the replacement of a 24-by-24-foot two-bay garage, $3,800.

Jean Dupuis, 23 Whipple St., demolition 832-square-foot, one-and-a-half-story, single-family dwelling.

Bruce Pinette, 1051 Main St., demolition of existing 810-square-foot shed.

Albert Jalbert, 193 Crowley Road, demolition of a 480-square-foot one-story building.

Donald Obermeyer, 12 Riverside Place, demolition of a 20-by-10-foot shed tearing down the remainder of shed.

Stephanie Hlister-Croteau, 57 Olive Ave., installation of a 4-by-1,000-foot chain-link fence, $1,000.

Charles Macdonald, 11 Pleasant St., installation of a 8-by-88-foot wood stockade fence, $1,795.

Mary Rice-Defosse, 70 Leavitt Ave., installation of a 6-by-96-foot stockade fence, $1,600.

Bertrand St.Pierre, 411 Montello St., installation of a 6-by-200-foot stockade fence, $1,000.

Raymond Simond, 824 Main St., installation of a 6-by-32-foot stockade fence.

Richard Cloutier, 114 Golder Road, use permit for home occupation, small contractors office with no outside storage.

City of Lewiston, 190 Birch St., use permit for Blue Line Sporting.

Lorraine Fontaine, 15 Theresa Ave., use permit for home occupation, food processing/wholesale sales/possible Internet sales.

R. W. Plourde Fine Homes Inc., 49 Martin Drive, construction of a 28-by-46-foot ranch-style home with attached 21-by-21-foot garage, $190,000.

Maine Source, 3 Chelsea Lane, construction of a 24-by-44-foot ranch style modular, $110,000.

Androscoggin Habitat for Humanity, 3 Suncrest Ave., construction of a 26-by-48-foot single-family ranch, $70,000.

Maine Source Homes LLC, 18 Judith St., construction of a 960-square-foot modular ranch, $90,000.

Richard Courtemanche, 27 Rejane Ave., construction of a 2,650-square-foot ranch with attached 28-by-26-foot garage, 260,000.

Ben Way Ent. LLC, 895 Sabattus St., construction of a 1,218-square-foot single-story automotive/lubrication facility, $298,000.

Atlantic Holdings, 134 Main St., demolition and rebuilding of 3,00-square-foot office space into a Class A. Restaurant, $150,000.

David Roy, 126 Fairmount St., installation of a 10-by-22-foot shed, $1,800.

Roger Breton, 39 Homefield St., construction of a 8-by-10-foot shed, $865.

Kevin Varney, 60 Martin Drive, construction of a 8-by-10-foot shed, $300.

Wilson Escobar, 44 Pleasant St., construction of a 16-by-20-foot shed, $6,000.

Marcel Morin, 197 Dyer Road, installation of a 15-by-25-foot above ground pool, $5,000.

Leo Ayotte, 26 Orestis Way, construction of a 16-by-12-foot pressure treated deck with the vinyl patio sunroom, $32,500.

Fortin Home Construction Inc., 309 Scribner Blvd., construction of a 12-by-16-foot attached deck, $1,000.

Richard Michaud, 395 Bartlett St., construction of a 38-by-58-foot driveway, $4,050.

Louise Landry, 125 Old Webster Road, construction of a 60-by-28-foot driveway, $5,000.

Bernard Rancourt, 10 Tanglewood Drive, construction to include the placement of wood trusses to convert existing flat roof to a hip roof on two four-unit buildings, $38,000.

Mary Begert, 32 Surry Lane, removal/replacement of window in living room area, $3,200.

Michael Poulin, 142 Rideout Ave., remove/replace existing deck, $5,800.

Palmer Development Corp., 57 Jean St., construction of a 26-by-48-foot second floor addition, $22,000.

Marc Gregoire, 49 Laurier St., in-law apartment on the second floor, 28-by-32 feet on one level, $25,000.

Cheryl Gonzalez, 157 Sabattus St., construction of 12-by-4-foot deck with stairs and landing, $3,000.

Rosario Gregoire, 51 Lucille Ave., construction of additional living area, no kitchen facilities, not intended as separate dwelling unit, $44,000.

Cynthia Noon, 7 Russell St., removal of back porch and relocating to front entrance. Adding temporary stairs where the porch was located, $50.

Timothy Morin, 22 Gloria Ave., construction of a 21-by-22-foot addition, $10,000.

Glen Sargent, 117 Fairmount St., construction of a 29-by-24-foot second-story addition, $24,000.

Normand Roy, 82 Gagne St., construction of a 78-by-14-foot addition with an 8-by-5-foot porch, $10,000.

Roland Laprise, 136 Pierce St., construction of three decks, $5,000.

Maine Source, 18 Darcy Drive, finish 24-by-44-foot second floor area to include two bedroom and bathroom, $2,000.

Bertrand Langelier, 30 Shore Road, renovation to the existing front entrance stairs, $200.

Donald Carr, 27 Lemont Ave., enlarge mud room, 5-by-8-foot, and replace front porch, $10,000.

Lawrence Oliver, 96 Old Webster Road, installation of five replacement windows, $2,000.

Tanya Gowell, 27 Eustis St., replacement of a 7-by 16-foot attached porch, $3,000.

Sue Brown, 85 Montello St., installation of 13 replacement windows, $8,351.00.

NCA Government Leasing Inc., 27 Burbank St., frame in existing 8-by-20-foot deck/porch, $2,100.

Elgin Physic, 99 Morris Ave., construct steps in front of single-family home, $500.

Allen Edmonds, 68 Commercial St., construction of a bathroom, new walls, $10,000.

Government Leasing Inc., 40 East Ave., interior renovations of previous Ames Department Store space for the Chinese Super buffet, $50,000.

Bonnie Loubier, 195 Main St., building of display windows, $2,000.

New England Surfaces, 75 Westminster St., close in 11-by-14-foot loading dock, $10,815.

Mill 3 Development Company, LLC, 60 Lincoln St., alteration to build out 15,125 square feet of general office, $1,000,000.

Mill 3 Development company LLC, 60 Lincoln St., alteration to build out 4725 square feet of restaurant space, $325,000.

St. Peter’s Church, 27 Bartlett St., new 25-by-150 structural slab for outdoor patio, $25,000.

Gendron and Gendron, 5 Discovery Drive, construction of a conveyor system to the interior of the FedEX building, $200,000.

Reginald Mailhot, 220 Sabattus St., construction of an 834-square-foot addition, single floor, new enclosed stairway to second floor apartment, and six new added parking stalls, $210,000.

Roger Michaud, 198 Main Street, renovation to include adding a 5-by-5-foot window to the second floor, $4,300.

Joshua Crowley, 1417 Sabattus St., construction of 1,536-square-foot garage for residential use.

James Davis, 480 Sabattus St., demolition of a 1,365-square-foot two-story building.

Bates College, 34 Vale St., demolition of a 2,440-square-foot two-family home.

Ed Givens, 1930 Lisbon St., demolition of a 11,436-square-foot one-story building.

Bates Mill LLC, 35 Canal St., demolition of crossover connectors between Mill 1 and Mill 3, and Mill 2 and Mill 3, total of three connectors.

City of Lewiston, 135 Mill St., demolition of Mill No. 4, two floors, Storehouse No.1, four floors, and two existing silos for the boilerhouse.

John Paul Leblanc, 247 Sabattus St., installation of a 6-by-90-foot wood fence, $500.

Michael Blais, 539 Webster St., installation of an 8-by-170-foot vinyl solid fence, $2,200.

Norman Savard, 507 Webster St., installation of 110 linear feet of stockade fence, $1,000.

Ron Leblanc, 159 Oxford St., installation of a 6-by-138-foot chain-link fence.

Norman Roy, 34 Stevens St., installation of a 6-by-122-foot vinyl fence, $6,500.

Nicolas D’Ombrain, 60 Bardwell St., installation of an 8-by-56-foot stockade fence, $1,475.

Keith Tardif, 42 Payne St., volt openings.

Jean Paradis, 1097 Main St., establish a used auto sales and repair shop, as per Staff Review Committee (S.R.C.) approval dated 9/15/2005 and with the condition that the trailer boxes be removed or repaired by Nov. 1.

Main Street Realty, 506 Main St., use permit for Century 21 Advantage, Real Estate Office.

Marcel Bosse, 354 East Ave., use permit for home occupation, use for private/by appointment only, metaphysical herbalism classes.

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