SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Christine H. Morrison and Gordon A. Salls and Kathleen E. Haley and Edwin H. Salls Jr. and Donald J. Salls and Melissa B. Heath and Michael W. Salls to Melissa B. Heath, in West Paris.

Christopher J. Martin to Christopher J. and Carla Martin, in Paris.

Paulette Martel and Paulette LaChance to Philomena Stocker, in Mexico.

Christopher J. and Samantha J. Noyes to Larry Labonte, in Peru.

Walter F. and Elizabeth Stanczyc to U.S.A., in Upton.

Dennis I. and Diane P. McAlister to Susan Berge, in Hartford.

Lloyd L. Poland to Cameron Wake and Celina Adams, in Township.

Jeffrey N. Haynes to Stanley Haynes, in Dixfield.

Joseph L. Giroux to Timothy Giroux, in Mexico.

Robert W. and Denise A. Boyle to Perry Jr. and Jacquelyn Shegerian, in Buckfield.

Derek S. and Nicole V. Dresser to Spencer C. Ordway and Jennifer A. Landry, in Bethel.

Robert W. Hastings to Intervale Land LLC, in Bethel.

Farwell Mountain Estates Inc. to Cortuk LLC, in Bethel.

William John Costello to John Praskievicz and Marybeth Morin, in Albany Township.

Goldcamp LLC to Christopher S. and Ann C. Lento, in Newry.

Myron W. and Evis Harlow to Shawn W. Coffin, in Woodstock.

Rachel A. and Rachael A. and David L. Herst to Richard M. and Melinda K. Quinlan, in Bethel.

Craig and Craig W. Marson to Ewan S. Schooling, in Greenwood.

Paul R. and Betty L. Arsenault to Dennis W. and Christine R. Yates, in Norway.

Western Maine Funeral Group Inc. to Lenwood A. Andrews, in Woodstock.

Lenwood A. Andrews to Clifton R. and Marion L. Gray, in Woodstock.

David A. Head to William John Costello, in Albany Township.

Leo P. Jr. and Leo P. Menard to Lynn E. and Barry L. Wight, in Newry.

Roger E. and Thea M. Beaudoin to Neil M. and Tara S. Tenenbaum, in Bethel.

Scott L. Coffin to Lawrence E. and Constance Coffin in Woodstock.

Celia A. Hodgdon to Glenn F. and Patricia J. Hodgdon, in Paris.

Chris and Ellen Booras to Dennis and Karolyn Kloepping, in Newry.

Ronald Marzuollo to Michael W. Galligan, in Dixfield.

Craig J. and Diane R. Cabral to Geraldine M. O’Mahony, in Paris.

Donald J. Bradley Jr. to Donald J. Jr. and Carol L. Bradley, in Mexico.

Robert W. III and Deborah J. Fickett to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Sylvia Harlow and Patricia Silvia to Kathleen E. Morton, in Rumford.

Estate of William R. Kimball and Donetta B. Kimball to Donetta B. Kimball, in Buckfield.

Donetta B. Kimball to William R. Kimball Jr., in Buckfield.

Peter Bedard Langevin and Annette Mary Arsenault to Sarah Broughton, in Rumford.

Richard Antonio Langevin to Sarah Broughton, in Rumford.

Robert J. and Antonella Avitabile to Michael W. and Peggy S. Cordwell, in Newry.

Jerome G. and Jerome B. Stabile to Justin C. O’Donnell and Debra A. Gaudet, in Rumford.

Anne M. Kinney to Carol A. Huffman and Robby C. Hawkins, in Norway.

William T. and Margaret H. Goodwin to Thomas E. Oliver and Terry L. Koliche, in Rumford.

William D. McGuiggan to Bert E. and Heidi A. Corey, in Hartford.

Susan M. Ricker to John D. Ricker, in Andover.

Reginald E. and Joanne L. Weston to Jeffrey A. Swan and Virginia S. Haynes, in Dixfield.

Haven T. Sr. and Carol Jordan to Billy J. and Melissa F. Griffin, in Mexico.

Courtney L. and Faye H. Prentiss to Rebecca and Randy J. Gallant, in Mexico.

Marie A. Blouin to Anthony and Kati L. Mazza, in Rumford.

Erin L. and David R. Bryant to Michelle F. Keyes, in Norway.

Randall W. and Cindy J. Fowler to Dustin J. and Katherine A. Hunt, in Norway and Paris.

John T. and Monita M. Bell to Timothy O. Trundy, in Sumner.

W. Godfrey Wood and estate of Deborah G. Wood to Carla Sullivan, in Newry.

Ray and A. Wayne Grant to David and Erin Bryant, in Norway.

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