When Officer Barrett visited Mrs. Derderian’s Language Arts class at Auburn Middle School on Mon. Oct. 17, she discussed an interesting topic. Her topic revolved around “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury. This piece of science fiction described the life of an unfortunate girl living on Venus. No one expected a crime to be committed in the story until Officer Barrett pointed it out. As an assignment, the students needed to write a police report on the subject.

In “All Summer in a Day,” a crime was committed when one of the characters is pushed into the closet against her free will. Officer Barrett discussed with the students how to write a police report. The students interviewed one another as they role played with either a witness of the crime, the perpetrator, or the victim. In this way, each student gathered the information to gather the report.

In this hands-on manner, this creative assignment gave the students a better idea what police need to do in their jobs as officers of the law. It also helped students display their creativity and imagination. In addition, it also demonstrated how writing is used in the real world. All in all, it was an effective assignment that students enjoyed.

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