FARMINGTON – Jasmine is a beautiful, petite Maine Coon mix staying at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

She was abandoned by her former owners, along with her brother, Aladdin, and her sister, Raja. She is now on the prowl, hunting for a new family.

While Jasmine waits for someone to adopt her, she spends her days swatting at imaginary flies, tracking unsuspecting dust bunnies and playing with little toy mice.

Although she is quite playful, she has a mild side, too. Once cradled in a pair of loving arms, she becomes as calm as can be, lounging casually, only moving when she leans into a good head scratch.

She would probably do well in any type of home. She could entertain herself in a quiet atmosphere, and she could join in on the fun in an upbeat home.

Whether it’s quiet or action-packed, all Jasmine wants to do is find a whole new world.

A winter carnival is being held on Sunday, Dec. 11, at the shelter.

Santa will be on hand to pose for pictures with children or with pets.

There will be a bake sale, Christmas wreaths and other festive merchandise to purchase.

New dogs at the shelter include a male black-and-white pit bull cross found in New Sharon and a male black lab cross found in New Vineyard.

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