LEWISTON – The following building permits were issued in November.

David Rioux, 172 Golder Road, a 28 by 40 ranch style home with attached breezeway, 12 by 18 and an attached one car garage 18 by 24, $170,000.

John Danforth, 33 Stillman St., a 32 by 76 contemporary home with a one car 19 by 19 garage, $190,000.

Jim Theriault, 6 Acorn Lane, a 32 by 50 ranch with an attached 26 by 27 garage. Installation of a 16 by 300 driveway, $225,000.

Maine Source Homes LLC, 1 Shannon St., a 2,750 square foot single family dwelling with in-law apartment with a 23 by 36 garage, $160,000.

Marc and Cindy Dube, 314 Grove St., a 28 by 40 colonial home modular, $190,250.

Randall Road Associates, 14 Arbor Lane, a 2,250 square foot single family dwelling, $200,000.

Randall Road Associates, 16 Arbor Lane, a 2,200 square foot single family dwelling, $200,000.

Randall Road Associates, 18 Arbor Lane, a 2,200 square foot single family dwelling, $200,000.

Randall Road Associates, 20 Arbor Lane, a 2,250 square foot single family dwelling, $200,000.

Countryside Management, 41 Circle Drive, installation of a 2006 14 by 60, Skyline mobile home, limited 341, clay, two bedrooms and one bath, $40,000.

Simone Deschaine, 45 Autumn Lane, installation of a 14 by 72 Skyline LTD Special 393, 2006, two bedrooms, one and a half baths, $48,000.

Nino Corporation, 1930 Lisbon St., a 3,674 square foot convenience store and a 1,152 square foot car wash, $1,100,000.

United Ambulance, 192 Russell St., a 10 by 18 wood framed shed, $2,500.

Jennifer Buschmann, 73 Dyer Rd., installation of a 12 by 16 shed for storage, $2,000.

Kevin Dumas and Jayson Cloutier, 2 Elliott Ave., an 8 by 10 shed, $2,000.

Theresa Giguere, 89 Hogan Rd., a 12 by 12 attached shed, $2,000.

Jake and Amy Cavanaugh, 375 Central Ave., a 5 by 18 (90 square foot) deck and 16 by 28 deck over the existing garage, $8,500.

Gerard Belanger, 425 East Ave., a 15 by 20 attached deck, $2,000.

Nicolas D’Ombrain, 60 Bardwell St., a 12 by 16 attached deck with landing, $3,000.

Maurice Gagne, 37 McNamara St., for alterations and renovations, removal of garage door and sealing off the area, $1,000.

Mark Belisle, 1028 Sabattus St., installation of three windows, two in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, $2,000.

Steve Belisle, 38 Taylor Hill Rd., a 5 by 5 landing and a 5 by 5 roof to cover the existing entrance, replacing two outside doors and 16 windows, $10,000.

Diane Staples, 629 Sabattus St., installation of a 6 by 50 stockade fence and the replacement of 16 windows size for size, $8,500.

Katherine Bourgoin, 5 Ames Ave., closing in an 8 by 12 porch to create three season room, $1,000.

Allen Edmonds, 68 Commercial St., a 6 by 6 landing with stairs, $1,500.

Claudette Enman, 9 Mark St., a 12 by 24 addition (bedroom, bathroom), $35,000.

Lucille Dutil, 6 Fortin Way, installation of 11 replacement windows, $8,080.

William Scolnik, 210 Ash St., renovation of three 10 by 14 decks and renovation of two ceilings, $5,000.

Paul Rancourt, 52 Howe St., installation of five replacement windows, $3,091.

Tim Pomerleau, 64 Montello St., a 12 by 16 pool house, $5,000.

Patrick Austin, 39 South Lisbon Rd., alterations and renovations, which include modifying the existing daylight cellar to create separate rooms for storage, a machine room, and prosthetic room, $3,000.

Rancourt Associates, 977 Sabattus St., alterations/renovations, which include reframing an 8 by 12 section of wall and replacing glass windows, due to damages incurred, reframing an 8 by 12 section of wall and replacement of glass windows damaged during a vehicle accident, $8,000.

Beatus Swai, 40 East Ave., constructing a Sheetrock wall separating the balance of the space from L.L. Bean, $6,500.

Peoples Heritage Bank, 140 Mill St., construction of a first floor 13,000 square foot slab, $120,000.

Cumberland Farms, 790 Sabattus St., replacement of coffee bar and equipment, replace sandwich area, install frozen drink fountain, replace/move door to the utility room, $8,000.

T.W. Paving, 512 Lincoln St., an addition to a garage 24 by 40 to the front (two floors), $50,000.

Seven Rivers Corp., 430 Lisbon St., renovation of a 5,200 square foot single story building, Andover College Expansion, $464,000.

Richard Boucher, 1990 Lisbon St., construction of a 40 by 60 cement slab, $7,000.

Roland Blais, 25 Owen St., construction of a 26 by 26 attached, two bay garage, $25,000.

David Brooks, 151 Farwell St., a 24 by 36 attached garage with an in-law apartment same dimensions as garage and a 9 by 12 breezeway, $46,000.

Country Lane Homes Corp, 30 St. Patrick Ave., a 26 by 26 attached two car garage, $20,000.

Elaine Williams, 2 Summer St., demolition of a 20 by 35 (700 square foot) single story, vacant, single family home.

George Schott, 1544 Main St., demolition of a 3,239 square foot one and a half story single family home.

Dan Letourneau, 1970 Lisbon St., demolition of a 750 square foot mobile home, one story, one unit.

Loon Watch Development, 7 Towle St., demolition of a two story, four unit building.

Miller Industries, 348 Lincoln St., demolition of a 28,125 square foot, three story building.

Loon Watch Development, 15 Towle St., demolition of a 2,400 square foot one story building.

Sarah Farrell, 10 Elaine Ave., installation of a 6 by 160 stockade fence, $1,600.

Barbara Day, 56 Howe St., installation of a fence wall in back of lot to join existing wire fence, $500.

Abdoulaziz Mohammad, 2 Chestnut St., for use of permit for a retail business named Lewiston Variety and Halaal Market.

Beatus Swai, 143 Rideout Ave., for home occupation, Swai Cleaning Services, will not be working out of home. (office/paperwork).

Catherine Wardwell-Hall, 306 South Ave., home occupation, Central Maine Therapeutic Massage (will see 25-30 clients per week).

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