PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Graham Keith and Cynthia Ann Cox to Henry J. Sr. and Andrea H. Burns, in Norway.

Estate of Nancy L. Smith and Belinda M. Hammond to Ethan Bishop, in Dixfield.

David and David C. and Margaret North to John C. and Carolyn S. Dunn, in Bethel.

Curtis Dow to Curtis and Lisa M. Dow, in Waterford.

Stephen A. Marston to Barbara J. Simmons, in Andover.

Lloyd L. Poland to Kenneth R. Curtis, in Rumford.

Patricia D. Snow and Richard G. Nelson to Patricia D. Snow and Richard G. Nelson and Billie Rae Koch and Allen F. and John L. Snow, in Norway.

Leon and Joy Lou Mefford and Troy Webber to Christopher S. and Kimberly S. Mawhinney, in Paris.

Elisabeth C. Pollack to Elisabeth C. Pollack, in Paris.

Joy Morin to Thomas Shortill, in West Paris.

Thomas F. Shortill to Carol McNamara and Rosolino Porcu, in West Paris.

Paul J. and Wilma J. Rector to Ruby W. Kulpa and Frank N. Clifford, in Andover.

WIRS Trust and Irving S. Rogers Jr. to Richard C. Goulet and R. and L. Realty Trust, in Bethel.

Allen C. and Helen K. Young to Allen C. Young Jr., in Oxford.

Lloyd L. Poland to Natasha Hodson, in Rumford.

Jean Violette and Dennis Brown and Gary Brown and Patricia Stogsdill to Harold D. and Aurora B. Brown, in Rumford.

Jeffrey White to Just Right Homes, in Otisfield.

Just Right Homes to Jesse A. and Amanda C. Lowe, in Otisfield.

Community Concepts Inc. to Jeffrey G. and Tricia N. Alexander, in Hebron.

Gordon T. Holmes Jr. to William H. Jr. and Kelly A. Hunscher, in Newry.

Bradford N. and Winifred Pusey to Bradford N. and Winifred A. Pusey and Bradford N. Pusey Living Trust and Winifred A. Pusey Living Trust, in Newry.

Bradford N. Pusey Living Trust and Winifred A. Pusey Living Trust and Bradford N. and Winifred A. Pusey to William F. and Mary M. Smith, in Newry.

Rachel S. Young to Paul G. Thornfeldt, in West Paris.

Calvin N. and Tammy Schmersal Burgess to Joshua Management LLC, in Rumford.

James F. and Tracey Savage to Zvi and Aura Ganz, in Newry.

Kathleen L. and Maurice G. Bilodeau to Jennifer Rae Bailey and Nadine J. Drapeau, in Oxford.

Angelo S. and Patricia R. Loconto to Robert Baker, in Hanover.

Richard G. Nelson to Melinda J. Thompson, in Norway.

Swan Hill Corporation to Milford Allen Orndorff, in Bethel.

Jeffrey D. White to Jeffrey D. White Revocable Trust and Jeffrey D. White, in Bethel.

Ethelyn M. and Alphonse Haskell to Gail L. and Ralph Arsenault, in Byron.

Ernest C. and Marilyn P. Verrill to Nancy Verrill Honan, in Newry.

Alice Mae Bean to Stephanie Rae Bolduc, in Rumford.

Worthley Pond Variety LLC to Lisa Warren, in Peru.

Doreen Sandelin to Rangeley Properties LLC, in Township.

Arthur MacIsaac to Donald R. and Erica C. Stepler Cavin, in Rumford.

Manley Dakin to Elmer A. and Amy L. Mendoza, in Hartford.

Christopher L. and Heather L. Dunn to Joshua A. and Katherine C. Mitchell, in Paris.

Francis and Ilene E. Twitchell to Philip and Kelly Adams, in Paris.

David W. and Anne M. Ivey to Joanne LaVoie, in Oxford.

Katherine A. Remillard to Jason H. and Laurie R. Corey, in Oxford.

Barbara Coleman to Mark D. and Ellen T. Russell, in Newry.

John A. and Nancy E. Hanson to Mark F. and Peggy R. McDonald, in Bethel.

Thomas L. McGinniss to Marcia Foster Austin, in Bethel.

Rodney E. Farrar Jr. to Rodney E. Jr. and Naomi J. Farrar, in Dixfield.

Richard L. Fleming to Richard L. and Lillie J. Fleming, in Woodstock.

Daniel Berry and Howard Stevens and Holland Damon Maxim Post No. 5986 VFW to Town of Canton, in Canton.

Alan C. McNeil to Steven R. Kimball, in Hartford.

Ski Tracks Inc. to Carla E. Jensen, in Bethel.

Mariel Geiger to Norway Properties Inc., in Norway.

Roberta A. Bickford and Roberta A. Pond to Paul C. and Catherine S. Bickford, in Paris.

Roberta A. Bickford and Roberta A. Pond to Bonnie L. Bonney, in Paris.

Robert P. and Gary Bahre to Travis Foss and Annette M. Jancaitis, in Hebron.

Cathy E. Hart to Allan R. and Linda M. Howe, in Bethel.

Kirk Jones and Kathy Saarinen to Derek J. Brooks, in Buckfield.

Ralph E. and Ralph E. Sr. and Karen A. Dunn to Clifford S. McNeil, in Sumner.

Robert E. Sr. and Hazel O. Russell to Town of Hartford, in Hartford.

Robin Boersner and Robin Cavallaro to Donald C. Royal, in Milton Plantation.

Eras LLC to David N. Jr. and Kelly P. Vanasse, in Newry.

Spencer C. Ordway and Jennifer A. Landry to Benjamin F. Pierce, in Bethel.

Jeffrey F. Sr. and Deborah L. Campbell to Jonathan A. and Jessica A. Campbell, in West Paris.

Katherine A. Remillard to Jason H. and Laurie R. Corey, in Oxford.

Valerie J. Edwards and Valerie J. Place to Gary R. and Valerie J. Edwards, in Norway.

Faye L. Whitney and Estate of Dorothy L. Wagner to William H. and Elizabeth E. Miller, in West Paris.

Patricia G. Scarsiloni and Patricia G. Scarsilloni to Aldro S. French, in Upton.

Mark J. Pezzano to Mark J. Pezzano and Kathleen A. McNeil, in Buckfield.

Mark J. Pezzano and Kathleen A. McNeil to Mark J. Pezzano, in Buckfield.

Les Bois Carthage Inc. to George K. Haines, in Bethel.

George K. Haines to Les Bois Carthage Inc., in Bethel.

Isabel Anderson to Theodore Gerber and Carol J. Madsen, in Waterford.

Francis J. and Constance R. Gallant to Kathleen S. and Michael E. and Stephen R. and Kim Marie Gallant, in Rumford.

Holly K. Bolduc and Estate of Thomas S. Bolduc and Thomas S. Bolduc Sr. to Randy Carlson and Neil Gibbons, in Paris.

Samuel L. Dillon to Samuel L. Dillon and Marian F. Hart, in Rumford.

Richard F. Rice to Rachel R. Deans, in Waterford.

Rachel R. Deans to Richard F. Rice, in Waterford.

Madeline T. Jagusiak to Madeline T. Jagusiak and Madeline T. Jagusiak Revocable Trust Agreement, in Albany Township.

Peter and Elaine A. Montpelier to Thomas G. and Gail H. Binette, in Norway.

Scott D. and Carol A. Gould to David B. Johnson and Michelle C. Coffee, in Bethel.

Rumford Paper Co. to Bonnie J. Aleck, in Mexico.

James M. and Martha Violette to Robert C. and Rosalie L. Farrington, in Rumford.

Edith A. Gallaher and Estate of Cynthia A. Mortus to Anthony Mortus, in Rumford.

River View Timeshare Trust to Deborah L. Babine, in Bethel.

Stephen H. and Sarah M. Burnham to Timothy S. Kain, in Bethel.

Jennifer C. Gates Fairbanks and Robert F. Fairbanks III to Susan P. Therrien Fenn and Bruce Fenn III, in Bethel.

Manford and Rhonda Small and Corey E. Small to John R. Patterson, in Hartford.

Christopher G. and Stephanie L. Farrar to Virginia E. Haase, in Norway.

Jason A. Forget to William L. and Betsy A. Mark, in Newry.

Bryan W. and Lori A. Fortin to Edward E. Baker, in Newry.

David J. and Stephen A. and Thomas R. and Timothy A. Carter to David J. and Ann Marie Carter, in Bethel.

A and B Forestry Inc. to Tammy J. and Wayne T. Moore, in Peru.

Jefferson Rowe to Lawrence and Anita Burnham, in Sumner.

Edward Wall Revocable Trust and Edward Wall and Edward Wall and Pauline G. Wall Revocable Trust and Pauline G. Wall and Pauline G. Wall to Matthew Holden, in West Paris.

Keith A. and Elaine P. Brackett to Richard A. and Patricia A. Williams, in Andover.

James L. and Linda M. Ginn to Scott Terkelsen, in Albany Township.

John J. and Anne M. Hebert to John J. and Sandra L. Hebert, in Dixfield.

Edward A. III and Lisa A. Caswell to Ridge Run Realty Trust and Roy E. and Maryann P. Ochenbach, in Norway and Woodstock.

Richard E. Burgess and Kathleen Johnson to Robert E. and Linda Joyce Bill and R and J Bill Trust, in Bethel.

RTML LLC to Herbert A. and Donna Kennison, in Norway.

Randall Clifton and Theresa Marie Stevens to Community Concepts Inc., in Norway.

Christopher A. Smith to Robert P. Given, in Dixfield.

John L. Olson to Kevin O’Sullivan, in Byron.

Karen M. Shaw and Karen M. Viitala to Lauren Labrecque, in Bethel.

Andrew C. and Vicki M. Moll and Janet M. Peterson to Philip A. and Judith A. Lamoureux, in Norway.

Fred J. Jr. and Yvonne D. Elliott to Dave Elliott and Cynthia Rice, in Roxbury.

Elmore M. Jr. and Dorothy B. Vaughn to Dwayne E. Vaughn, in Peru.

Guy Hart to Robert E. McCombs, in Oxford.

Leonard and Lynn S. Heap to Thomas and Lane Meehan, in Greenwood.

John M. and Margaret E. Dolbeare to Ralph Brown, in West Paris.

Julia Lee Young and Nicholas Brooks Lambert to Christopher M. and Sarah L. Bragdon, in Newry.

Arthur E. Halprin to Paul James and Wilma Jean Rector, in Upton.

Scott Terkelsen to Mark J. and Tracy M. Knowles, in Greenwood.

Christian W. Dickinson to George and Frances P. Philip, in Newry.

Philip M. Snow and Harry Faulkner to Brenda Franzoni, in Woodstock.

Lloyd L. Poland to Shawn P. Demenkow, in Rumford.

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