Every year in the ESL classroom there is a Thanksgiving dinner. Mrs. Nancy Martin and Mrs. Linda Galway prepare it for the ESL (English as a Second Language) students. They host it a week before Thanksgiving.

The day before we have the Thanksgiving dinner, there are some students who go to the kitchen at school and make some food, such as apple pie, pumpkin pie and other desserts. The cookers this year were Halima Mohamed, Yasmin Mohamed and Maryan Janay. We made apple pie and pumpkin pie. Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Galway helped us, too.

During their lunch times, the students would come into the classroom to eat. It’s not just the ESL students; students’ friends would come, too, and teachers from the school would stop by. Before we ate we said what we are thankful for.

The menu had turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, salad, green beans, cranberries, bread and lots of pies. The people stopping by that day included Halima Mohamed, Yasmin Mohamed, Mohamud Muse, Mohamed Haji-Hersi, Maryan Janay, Hibaq Mohamed, Elham Salah, Kat Donahue, Patrycja Blachut, Thuy Tran, Mohamed Hersi, Danny Suazo, Sagal Odowa, Sahra Odawa, Roun Said, Delcy Romero, Julie Ramirez, Muna Yonis, Fartuna Ennaw, Kaltuma Janay, Mulki Yonis, Shamis Yonis and Garte Sosmena, who filmed the Thanksgiving dinner. After we ate dessert, there were games, and people would just play games and have fun. They played games like cards, chess and checkers.

This year it was fun to have Thanksgiving in Mrs. Martin’s room. Last year it was fun, but this year it seemed even more fun. The new freshmen liked it and want to do it again next year.

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