Dear Sun Spots: I need your help.

I was dealing with a breeder from Allegany, N.Y. We were e-mailing back and forth regarding buying a puppy from a litter that was due soon. I e-mailed her the $300 deposit, and then the e-mails stopped. I e-mailed over and over, then finally I called her. I was brushed off and was told she would e-mail soon. After two weeks and still nothing, I called her again and was told that the puppies were born, and she would e-mail pictures. Again, no e-mails. Finally after two months of this, I called and said I was going to drive up there to visit and was told she didn’t have a puppy for me. Evidently, she only had one female, and there was a problem with its bite. She said my deposit would go toward her next litter.

I would like to know if she is a legitimate breeder. I e-mailed the Better Business Bureau of New York and got no response. She says she’s licensed, but I don’t know if she really is. Breeders like her give the honest breeders a bad name. Can you help me? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: According to the breeder’s Web site it is a New York state certified kennel, and all dogs are AKC registered.

In addition, the breeder left Sun Spots a message to note that the original puppy you’d placed the deposit on had died. Two puppies were born in the next litter, and the breeder kept one. It appears the second was already booked and paid for. She states she sent your deposit back as per your request. It sounds like these were unusual situations that just didn’t work out.

Dear Sun Spots: Help! Does anyone have, or know where I could find an old “ThermoFax” machine? Remember those old purple paper copies? The “Ditto Master” machines? They’re heat-activated and really obsolete. Maybe some has one in an office or school store room? It’s needed for a silk-screening project with kids. Thanks so much. – Liz Rollins, AMS Teacher.

Answer: Sun Spots did not locate anyone with these, but perhaps there are readers out there who may have one put aside that they’d be willing to share with you for a reasonable cost.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m writing to thank you for the service you provide and to thank all your faithful readers who have a way of making things happen. To an old dub like myself who can’t get around much any more, it’s like a gift from above! A special thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for mincemeat, and a very special thanks to Dory, take a bow, kid, it was delicious. Once again, thank you all! – G.M. Loring, Bethel.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for a pattern for spiral, no-heel socks for children and adults. Or, any type that are simple and easy to knit. I love Sun Spots, and it is a tremendous help to a lot of people. – M. R., Freedom.

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