LEWISTON – The Lewiston Public Library has recently added a new selection of Somali writings and books on Somali culture to its stacks. The books are available for free public loan.

Library Director Rick Speer said, “We are very pleased to be able to finally offer our community books written in the Somali language. While the library has been providing books, audios and videos to assist native Somali speakers in learning the English language, until now we had been unable to locate a distributor for Somali books.”

The new materials include a variety of fiction, poetry and nonfiction titles in Somali along with some Somali and English texts for English language learners.

In addition, several new English language items on Somali history and culture were added to the library’s holdings.

Any resident of Lewiston or Auburn may register for a free borrower’s card at the Lewiston Public Library. For more information, consult the LPL Web page at www.lplonline.org or call the Reference Department at 784-0135, ext. 208.

Somali fiction

“Ladh,” Cabdillaahi Cawed Cige; “Qurbo jaceyl,” Sadiq M. Bayir; “Uur ku taallo jaceyl,” Cabdixakiim Aadan; “Ayaan daran: (qiso dhab ah),” Cabdullaahi Sh. Xuseen.

Somali poetry

“Silsiladda Guba,” compiled by Abdullahi Hassan Roble; “Gurmad: diiwaanka gabayada soomaaliyeed” (a collection of Somali poems), compiled by Mohammed Sh. Hassan.

Somali nonfiction

“Xasuus qor” (Timelines of Somali history (1400-2000)), Faarax M. Maxamed; “Diiwaanka heesaha soomaaliyeed” (A collection of Somali songs), compiled by Mohammed Sh. Hassan; “Dumar talo ma laga deyey” (Women: the solution to Somali crisis), Abdibashir Ali.

Also, “Qaamuuska magacyada soomaaliyeed” (a dictionary of Somali names), Mohammed Sh. Hassan; “Tarbiyada wanaagsan ee carruurta” (How to raise a good child), Shukri Abdulwali Mohammad; “Naxwaha af Soomaaliga,” Axmed Maxammad Sulaymaan.

“Xabsigaygii: waxaa qoray,” Yusuf Hersi Ahmed; “Mahuraan: lama huraan waa cawska jiilaal’,” Abdulkadir F. Botan; “Soomaaliya: maxaa dheelliyey?,” Siciid Cismaan Keenadiid; “Duul dalkoodii doorsaday xaggee bay ku dambayn?,” Cabdullaahi Faarax Xasan; “Dal dad waayey iyo duni damiir beeshay: Soomaaliya dib ma u dhalan doontaa?,” Maxamed Daahir Afrax.

Bi-lingual books in Somali and English

“Iftiin’s grammar, English-Somali: understanding English grammar,” Abdulkadir Khalif Hashi; “Iftiin’s super handbook: English-Somali reference guide”; “To know something for sure, one would even part with a she-camel : Somali proverbs, a study in popularity = Hubsiimo hal baa la siistaa : maahmaahaha soomaaliyeed, baaritaan lagu ogaaday kuwa ugu caansan,” G.L. Kapchits.

Also, “Footprint: recipes for life,” MAMA East African Women’s Group (Hooyada Africada Bari); “Xeedho dumar wadaag aleel lagu xadhkeeyay: Hooyada Africada Bari (Shells on a woven cord),” MAMA East African Women’s Group.

English books on Somali culture and history

“Saints and Somalis: popular Islam in a clan-based society,” I.M. Lewis; “Fear is a cow” [poetry], Ali Jimale Ahmed; “Rebuilding Somaliland : issues and possibilities,” compiled by WSP International Somali Programme.

Also, “Somalia and the Somalis : a handbook for teachers,” Abdisalam Adam; “The Yibir of Las Burgabo (a novel),” Mahmood Gaildon; “Putting the cart before the horse: contested nationalism and the crisis of the nation-state in Somalia,” edited by Abdi Kusow.

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