Dear Sun Spots: When is the Bobby Darin movie “Beyond the Sea” coming to theaters?

Do you have the instructions for Dominoes game of Chicken Foot?

Also, who recorded “Stand Me Up by the Jukebox When Die”? – Curious in Lewiston.

Answer: Regarding your first question, the movie was released in Canada on Sept. 11, 2004, at the Toronto Film Festival.

You might also be interested to know that, according to, actor Kevin Spacey developed such an obsession with singer Bobby Darin that he commissioned six oil portraits of himself playing the singer. Spacey modeled for the paintings for more than six months, which ultimately cost him $90,000. Artist William Quigley says Spacey sat for him and was very intense as a model.

You may want to check with your local movie rental store to see if they carry it. The movie’s stars include Kevin Spacey as Bobby Darin, Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee, John Goodman as Steve Blauner and Bob Hoskins as Charlie Maffia.

n the meantime, you might also get a kick out of the following goofs from the movie:

• When Bobby chases his son out of his bathroom, the wall wobbles when Darin bangs it.

• When Bobby is campaigning with Robert Kennedy, Kennedy has a Secret Service detail. RFK did not have and was not entitled to a Secret Service detail. That was changed after his murder.

• When Bobby Darin is in the hospital the first time, the heart monitor is a modern type with a flat-panel addressable display. Monitors of this era used monochrome, oscilloscope-type CRT displays.

• When Bobby Darin can’t start his car after the fight with his wife, the car has only one headlight. When right after that he takes a golf club and starts smashing the car, both headlights are on, including the brights.

Regarding your second question, you should be able to locate the online directions to Chickenfoot at

And regarding your final question, Sun Spots believes you may be referring to Joe Diffie’s “Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox.” Perhaps you and other fans may enjoy the following lyrics:

Well ain’t afraid of die’n, t’s the thought of being dead

wanna go on being me once my eulogy’s been read

Don’t spread my ashes out to sea, don’t lay me down to rest

You can put my mind to ease if you fill my last request

Prop me up beside the jukebox when die

Lord wanna go to heaven but don’t wanna go tonight

Fill my boots up with sand, put a stiff drink in my hand

Prop me up beside the jukebox when die

Just make your next selection and while you’re still in line

You can pay you last respects one quarter at a time

Prop me up beside the jukebox when die

Lord wanna go to heaven but don’t wanna go tonight

Fill my boots up with sand put a stiff drink in my hand

Prop me up beside the jukebox when die

Oh prop me up beside the jukebox when die

Dear Sun Spots: s there a difference between the Britta and the Culligan water pitchers? s one considered better than the other? – No Name, Lewiston.

Answer: Perhaps you might want to check out Consumer Reports to see if they’ve rated either pitchers. You can locate them online at

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