SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

River View Timeshare Trust to David G. and Leslie L. Bonney, in Bethel.

David G. and Leslie L. Bonney to River View Timeshare Trust, in Bethel.

Robert J. Gilbert to Robert J. and Gladys Gilbert, in Roxbury.

Robert J. Gilbert to Robert J. and Gladys Gilbert, in Rumford.

Thomas C. Brown II to James J. O’Neil and Donald A. Guilford, in Andover.

Gregory P. Erskine to David A. and Frances M. Head, in Bethel.

Carmen and Laverne Barrasso to Daniel P. Sr. and Dorothy P. and Daniel P. Jr. Cunliffe, in Sumner.

Janet L. Purinton and Janet L. Flanders to Marcus W. Hatch and Stacie N. Wade, in West Paris.

Allan J. and Jane W. Evelyn to Carol A. and William Pappas, in Bethel.

Wright Family Land Trust and Aagot C. and Eric E. Wright and Caroline W. Kuhl to Peter H. Brown, in Paris.

Elaine Paul and Elaine F. Armagost to Dennis L. and Jan L. Barker, in Oxford.

Lloyd L. Poland to Jeffrey E. Meserve, in Byron.

Town of Newry to Bruce and Suzanne Pierce, in Newry.

Anne E. and Anne Preble and Watershed Realty Trust to Joseph R. Baroni and Joseph R. Baroni Revocable Trust of 2000, in Newry.

Richard F. and Barbara A. Diplacido to Charles and Julia St. Germain, in Bethel.

Viveca E. and Brian P. Zimmermann to Viveca E. Zimmerman, in Newry.

George W. Seavey to Scott M. and Laurie A. Jipson, in Otisfield.

Robert L. Brown to Brian O’Keefe, in Rumford.

Philip J. and Patricia A. Dutra to Susan Hemmer, in Sumner.

Purcell McDonnell Living Trust and Katherine McDonnell to Katherine McDonnell Living Trust and Katherine McDonnell, in Woodstock.

Helga and Charles Michel to Heidi Michel Fokine and Suzanne and Lisa Michel, in Woodstock.

Erik A. and Beth L. Bourassa to Daniel P. and Lacey N. Manson, in Mexico.

Philip E. Sr. and Philip E. and Philip and Phillip and Ernest Phillip Thibodeau to Philip E. Sr. and Luetta M. Thibodeau, in Roxbury.

Philip E. Sr. and Philip Sr. and Philip E. and Philip and Phillip and Ernest Phillip and Luetta M. and Loretta Thibodeau to Philip E. Sr. and Luetta M. Thibodeau, in Roxbury.

Gordon E. Bryant and Gordon E. Bryant Trust to Western Highlands LLC, in Norway.

Gordon E. Bryant and Gordon E. Bryant Trust and Beverley A. Bryant and Beverley A. Bryant Trust to Western Highlands LLC, in Norway and Paris.

A Joan Connor and Francis J. Connor to A. Joan Connor and Francis J. Connor and A. Joan Connor Revocable Trust, in Otisfield.

Sunday River Skiway Corp. to Paul Herbert and Marie Wilson, in Newry.

Stephen LaPointe and Estate of Mathias Morin to John R. Woodman, in Mexico.

Sterling A. Mills to Pierre A. and Charlene R. Desautels, in Woodstock.

Wilfred Heath Jr. to Todd R. Truman, in Waterford.

William P. and Virginia M. Grace to Debra A. Marquis and Heidi A. and G. Paul Taitt, in Hartford.

Brian C. and Jason C. Cooper to Joseph B. Young, in Buckfield.

David H. Jackman to Brandy R. Higgins and Alison Jackman and Tara C. J. Williams, in Greenwood.

William A. Smith to Annie A. Shorette, in Oxford.

Leo J. Plante and Cynthia Saulenas to Leo J. Plante and Leo J. Plante Trust and Cynthia Saulenas and Cynthia Saulenas Trust, in Greenwood.

Nelson W. and Ivy E. Maurice to Lee and Angel Zutter, in Buckfield.

Birmingham Management Corp. to Michael L. and Bonnie J. Rolfe, in Otisfield.

Billy K. and Donna L. Crawford to Dale C. Seams, in Waterford.

Oak Crest Realty Trust and Sara S. Carson and James A. Perry to Theodore M. Jr. and Dorothy J. Troughton, in Rumford.

Ralph J. and Lorraine Sawyer and Thomas H. and Corie Lynn Learned to Kimberly S. Fulwider, in Woodstock.

Ronald D. and Ramona Y. St. Pierre to Jeffrey A. and Cheryl A. Wade, in Byron.

James A. and Marguerite Lowell to Ronalda L. Lowell, in Buckfield.

Doreen G. and Keith W. Fitzgerald to Jacqueline D. and David R. Lemieux, in Norway.

John H. and Debora L. Gillis to John Hector and Debora Lee Gillis and Gillis Family Trust, in Norway.

Mark A. and Jody A. Stephens to William Troy Jr., in Otisfield.

Community Concepts Inc. to Jessica A. Charest, in Hebron.

Estate of Neil F. Weston and Norman W. Weston to Jeanne and Jeanne T. Jones, in Norway.

Erlon Hadley and Viola Maude Alice Hadley to West Paris Water District in West Paris.

Jennifer M. Pitcher to Molly Gray, in Newry.

Tammy M. Brulotte to Tammy M. and Roger A. Brulotte, in West Paris.

Dennis Smith to Dennis Smith and Patricia G. Harris, in Peru.

Anthony F. and Andrea M. Pastelis to Jane W. Ndegwa, in Newry.

Seabury A. III and Sharon B. Lyon to Matthew T. Duffy III, in Bethel.

Kevin and Lorie O’Neil to Elizabeth Cash, in Norway.

Jeffrey Stearns to Gail M. DeLucia and Christopher J. Spanks, in Bethel.

David S. and Nancy A. Clay to William E. and Robert E. Dougeneck, in Gilead.

Michel Pelletier to Kelleen B. Riley, in Greenwood.

Ann Friedlander to Lisa J. Friedlander and Hay is for Horses Trust, in township.

James and Catherine Wilson to Kathleen and Robin Adams, in Greenwood.

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